Local Cafe in London: Cafe Express | Dollis Hill

The name of this place truly sounds like another cafe I have told you about. Star Express. Well, lets say many do look the same and have similar names! This one tough, is on the opposite side of London. I will be very honest here: it is not located in a tourist area, actually there is nothing truly interesting around here. Please do visit this Cafe if by any chance you end up in Willesden or Dollish Hill area.

It is not far from Neasden Temple, so that might be a great chance! It is a traditional workers cafe. The owners are super kind and the food is very good. Price-wise of course, amazing. We normally spend £10 for the 2 of us, and just £13 or £14 when I decide to go for a more subsantial plate. As I have mentioned you many times in previous article, I am intolerant to eggs, gluten and dairy. So I try not to have those ingredients very often. I know, I then go to Ole & Steen and have muffins and buns… I should not do that, but sometiems I truly cant resist! Anyway.

Cafe Express is located on the main road, just opposite B&M. So if, eventually, you end up here, do go and visit B&M too. Not much that you need in there if you are a visitor (homeware and tinned food mainly!), but a great place to buy if you live in London and need nice cheap stuff.

Address: 404 High Rd, Willesden, London NW10 2DS

I recently had here a jacket potato with tuna. The potato was nicely baked, huge and I must add they used great quality butter on it, it really was tasty!

London Local Cafe: Star Express

Here we are, a lovely local cafe in Angel. This particular one was some kind of surprise. My partner and I were in Angel, as usual, looking for a local cafe, and to be honest with you we wanted to skip the market area, but then we ended up having our fab breakfast here

It is a traditional local café, and even though it is located right on Chapel Market, prices are still very good and in line with a traditional café in a more residential area. We’ve spent an average of £12 for the two of us, and we have been there twice so far.

In these pictures you can see you can have a lot more than the usual fry-up, my partner went for an omelet! Me, being intolerant to a lot of things, I have to adapt and my plate always looks kinda sad! 😊

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This area is so nice, the market is a traditional local market, not a tourist one so I strongly recommend visiting Angel. Also, on the nearby (1 min walk away!) the main road you can find lots of restaurants, shops and there are 3 supermarkets in the area too.

Address: 71 Chapel Market, The Angel, London N1 9ER

Let’s go to Clapham.

Conosci Clapham? Ecco perchè ci piace.in italiano

I lived in this area for three years, many years ago, and I must admit that at the time it was not what it is today, it was not so “alive” and full of things to do, so it was a bit boring for me, I felt almost isolated. But today is a whole other thing! Let’s find out together how this borough was born and evolved into what it is today. If you come to London on holiday, a trip to Clapham junction is a good idea: independent shops, cafes, restaurants, in short… a little gem often not too well known by visitors! Continue reading Let’s go to Clapham.

10 Facts about Hyde Park that you might not know!

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I love Hyde Park and its beautiful open spaces. Very much loved by tourists too, but do you really know it much?When you think of London, one of the first places that will come to mind is Hyde Park. Located in central London, it provides Londoners with a lovely escape too, not just the tourists. There’s a lot of history behind the park that many visitors know very little or nothing about. Here are some interesting facts for you!

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8 Fab Museums for Kids in London

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Coming to London with kids can be super fun and stressful at the same time. Many museums in London have child-friendly interactive exhibits and activities, so don’t stress too much, this is how you can keep them entertained!

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Greggs. Legenday British Bakery

Greggs. Leggendaria Bakery Britishin italiano

We are all so used to use places like Pret or EAT when visting London, arent we ? I know they too serve amazing on-the-go food, but if you want to try a truly British experinec, Greggs is the way.

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British Pubs – Did You Know?

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Highness Cafe | Best Cakes & Pastries in London


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