8 Fab Museums for Kids in London

8 Stupendi Musei per bambini a Londra in italiano

Coming to London with kids can be super fun and stressful at the same time. Many museums in London have child-friendly interactive exhibits and activities, so don’t stress too much, this is how you can keep them entertained!

Great museums in London that kids will love. Continue reading 8 Fab Museums for Kids in London

Greggs. Legenday British Bakery

Greggs. Leggendaria Bakery Britishin italiano

We are all so used to use places like Pret or EAT when visting London, arent we ? I know they too serve amazing on-the-go food, but if you want to try a truly British experinec, Greggs is the way.

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British Pubs – Did You Know?

I Pub Britannici – Lo Sapevi?!in italiano

Pubs, Inn, Open Houses. What are they? You can’t possibly say “Britain” without adding soon after the word “pub”, can you? A Pub here in the UK is not just a place where you go for a beer, it is very often the focus of a whole community. If you have been to London, you have seen men in a suit standing outside a Pub after 4.30 pm having a drink. That’s what we do, very often, to let our hair down after work. If you venture out a little, outside the touristic areas, you will see local pubs with locals having a laugh while sipping a good beer. Continue reading British Pubs – Did You Know?

Highness Cafe | Best Cakes & Pastries in London


I have found out about this little Bakery & Cafe in Highbury (Islington, London) just because my boyfriend used to live across the road, literally. What a lovely discovery! Simply Best  Cakes in London (nearly!) Continue reading Highness Cafe | Best Cakes & Pastries in London

Paperchase | Creativity World | London

Paperchase | 4 piani di creatività | Londra in italiano

I’m a Architecture and Design Graduate and while attending Uni this store was definitely my favorite one for paper and art material, they also have a 10% student discount, something that unfortunatelly I can not take advantages of nowdays, since I’m  not a student any longer. Sigh.

From the website: “Paperchase is the UK’s number 1 shopping spot for exciting and innovative design-led stationery. For over 40 years we’ve inspired with stylish stationery, unique greeting cards, distinctive gifts as well as quality art and craft materials.

The aim of the Paperchase Press Hub is to fully equip you with everything you need to spread the word about Paperchase! Get your hands on the latest news, press releases, loans and product images and if you’re visiting us for the first time, get in touch with us to simply have a chat.

So Ellie how come you still visit this place although you are not an Art student any more?

3 levels and endless paper material is another my second answer.

I’m a planner, love organizers and planners. I’m also into design, into colours and notebooks. I’m into amazing quality sheets of paper, and I love cards. This is just a small part of what you can find at Paperchase.

Products are amazingly designed. The same products can be found in various designs. Paper plates, bag tags, Oystercard holder, cups, mugs, picture frame, diaries, napkins, pens, pins and much much more, all in different matching patterns.

It’s paper paradise, really!

They now ship all over Europe, but if you are in store don’t forget to ask for a Paperchase Card which will allow you to have a 5% discount on your birthday!

Stores are can are located everywhere in London but I highly reccomend to visit the Maxi Store in Tottenham Court Rd, it’s the biggest one, the one that has 3 levels and where you can find just about anything, really.

Any other planning addicted like me?!




213 – 215 Tottenham Court Road


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  • Art Materials
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  • Book Shop
    Concept Room
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  • Cards
    Gift Wrap