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Yes, another lovely Local café I want to tell you about.

But today I also want to tell you about the area in which this Café is located. It is called Highbury. If you are visiting London, chances are you might never end up here. Or maybe you will since it is where Arsenal Stadium is, and I know a few people love to go and visit that Stadium.

Highbury is a residential area, a lovely “villagy” area. This is where you can find your local butcher, the nice pubs, and a lovey greengrocer too. Located near the posh area of Islington and Angel, where the majority of the houses are very nice looking and expensive, and where many VIPs live.

So if you by any chance find yourself here in Highbury, please do go and enjoy a great traditional Full English Breakfast at CAFÉ & LATTE CAFÉ. They also serve lunch and dinner.

My partner ordered here his breakie with a Bubble and squeak, and if you don’t know what that is, I have an article where I tell you everything you need to know about it 😊

I went for bacon and chips, with a good portion of baked beans too. I can’t have gluten often and not even eggs, so when I do find yummy alternatives I go for it. And everyone loves chips and baked beans, innit?!

The staff is super lovely, and the menu is filled up with a good variety of options. You won’t be disappointed. A lovely traditional café with a nice interior deco: exposed brick walls and a very comfy looking armchair. Everything you need to feel at home.

After the meal you can have a walk going south, and back to Highbury Barn. It is just a few mins away and if you still have a little bit of space in that tummy, please visit Highness Café. I used to go there pretty often when my partner lived in Highbury (born and raised there!). It is a nice family-run bakery and they make every single cake from scratch with the best ingredients. You can read more here, in this article.

Hopefully, you now have an extra option for your traditional breakfast in London. Remember that many more “where to eat” options can be found HERE.

Enjoy your breakie!

Address: 147 Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2JS