8 Fab Museums for Kids in London

8 Stupendi Musei per bambini a Londra in italiano

Coming to London with kids can be super fun and stressful at the same time. Many museums in London have child-friendly interactive exhibits and activities, so don’t stress too much, this is how you can keep them entertained!

Great museums in London that kids will love.

1.Horniman Museum and Gardens


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Kids love running after each other and love space, don’t they? If this is the case, you cant miss this museum: immersed in 16 acres of garden to ventured out into. Founded in 1901, the Horniman Museum has daily activities for kids, and lots of family-friendly exhibits: the Nature Base (live animals), and also display that will let kids touch everything displayed (nearly!). If this is not enough, they also have an aquarium with 15 exhibits of environments from around the world.

100 London Road, Forest Hill, London, England, SE23 3P

2.Science Museum


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If you think that your kid might really not like a science museaum…well, think twice you still have to see this one. Not specifically designed for kids, but over 3 million people visit this museum every year, adults and kids, too. It hosts galleries and exhibits for everything, including galleries for kids under five and the Pattern Pod for kids up to eight.

Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, England, SW7 2DD

3.National Maritime Museum [photos]

Let’s forget about dinosaurs now. The National Maritime Museum has lots of free galleries you can visit, they all host a series of artwork collections, maps and all sorts. If your kid love pirates and anything sea related, this is the place to be!  Shipwrecks and adventure is what they will find, and it has an interactive children’s gallery where the little ones can learn about maritime technology, but also how to load  a cargo, arm a cannon, etc – Kids are very welcome here to spend lots of time  playing and working together, exploration and adventure come to life. Older children surely will appreciate the Ship Simulator gallery: they can try to pilot a ship and steer it into port.

Park Row, Greenwich, London, England, SE10 9NF

4.V&A Museum of Childhood


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Here we are, a proper museum dedicated to kids! The V&A Museum of Childhood houses toys from the 1600s, and no: they can’t touch them, but believe me it is not that bad ! The V&A Museum of Childhood includes for them interactive exhibits that will keep little hands away from what they are not supposed to touch, and busy with fun activities! Adults? Sure, you won’t get bored either: displays of dolls’ houses and rag dolls dating back to the 1600s. Kids can also rock horses and play in the Lego area. I know, it sounds like a magic place! It’s not all: free daily activities such as treasure hunts, are available.

Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green, London,E2 9PA


5.Royal Air Force Museum London [photos]

I don’t live too far from this one and only recently found out! It’s definitely not in central London, it’s located in Brent Cross area (so now everyone knows where I live!) which is in zone 3. But believe me it is very nice, and an amazing place if your kids are into airplanes and the military. Free admission to more than 100 displays of aircraft, exhibits, fun activities for kids, and if this is not enough:  world’s only life-size model of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter! A 4D Theatre in the Historic Hangar with dynamic seating/special effects: a time travel adventure is guaranteed! Tickets for the 4D Theatre cost extra.

Grahame Park Way, London, England, NW9 5LL

6.Golden Hinde


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Experience life as it was back in the 16th century on the english galleon The Golden Hinde, on which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe. It is a full-size reconstruction that offers adventurous tours with actors in period costumes. The children can have fun exploring the ship, raise the anchor, fire guns and watch a staged sword fight. If your kids are not that young any longer, no worries: I am sure they will love the  Living History Tour: it demonstrates how illnesses and injuries were treated at the time with  frightening medical tools, certailly not what we use today!

St Mary Overie’s Dock Cathedral Street, London, SE1 9DE

7.Geffrye Museum of the Home [photos]

Not specifically a children’s museum, but they will enjoy it and it is pretty central, so pretty handy. They will be able to go back in time at this museum. Founded in 1914, it explores home setting and design from 1600 till nowadays, it shows how domestic life has changed, all displayed in different rooms strategically arranged: each room features the type of furniture popular in an English home at the time. Free admission. Plus, it has an in-house Café overlooking the gardens, they serve hot meals, sandwiches & salads. It might sound like not the right place for kids, but think that again: it is less adventurous but super interesting.

136 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8EA

8.Natural History Museum


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Any kid loves dinosaurs. Well, usually. Even though this museum is not meant to be for kinds, it is one of the best places for them: it has one of the world’s most famous dinosaur exhibits. The museum features the first T-rex fossil ever discovered and a specimen of the Baryonyx. The exhibits are split into four zones. The Blue Zone has a life-size model of a blue whale, and usually kids fall in love with this, in the Red Zone, dedicated to geology, the whole family can go on a journey to the centre of the Earth. As you can see, it is for everyone.

Cromwell Road, South Kensington, London, England, SW7 5BD




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