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10 Cose di Hyde Park che forse non conosci!in italiano

I love Hyde Park and its beautiful open spaces. Very much loved by tourists too, but do you really know it much?When you think of London, one of the first places that will come to mind is Hyde Park. Located in central London, it provides Londoners with a lovely escape too, not just the tourists. There’s a lot of history behind the park that many visitors know very little or nothing about. Here are some interesting facts for you!

  1. Hyde Park is a London institution with Royal authority: King Henry VIII, confiscated the land from the monks in order to turn it into a royal hunting ground. King Charles I opened it to the public like we know it now.
  2. The Serpentine isn’t a natural lake. Queen Caroline, the wife of King George II, had it constructed in order to have an open pool of water that looked natural.

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  1. There’s a pet cemetery inside Hyde Park, but it isn’t open to the public. From 1880 till 1900 or so, 300 beloved pets were laid to rest in this garden which is called the Victoria Lodge.
  1. There’s a section of Hyde Park known as Rotten Row, a long space where the horses are exercised today. A long time ago this used to work differently: Rich Londoners, would dress up, and along this area. It was a place for gossip, show off jewels, etc
  2. Marble Arch, near Hyde Park, was never meant to be installed there at all. It was designed to be an addition to Buckingham Palace. It didn’t last long there and was relocated outside Hyde Park itself. Only members of the Royal Family and certain guards are allowed to go through Marble Arch.

  1. The Achilles Statue is made from 33 tonnes of bronze. The metal comes from cannons captured in battle by the Duke of Wellington. He donated them for art instead.

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  1. Although many tourists often assume that Hyde Park is the biggest greenery in London, it is not! That’s not to say it is small, however, with over 4000 trees, a huge lake and over 350 acres of land, it is still pretty big!
  2. If you venture out in the park, you’ll find a gorgeous old-style bandstand which is still used by buskers from all over the world. What very particular is the fact that this is the oldest bandstand in London, dated 1869, originally placed in Kensington Gardens before being relocated.
  3. I am pretty sure you might not like the idea of swimming in the Serpentine on Christmas Day, yes you guessed it right: it’s pretty cold! But some people do love it! For the members of the local swimming club, it has been a long-standing tradition. The “Peter Pan Cup” offers a pretty good show show for anyone who feels like coming on Christmas Day to assist to this event!

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  1. One of the most popular monuments in Hyde Park is the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain: it has been built using 545 pieces of Cornish granite. It has been designed using advanced and modern technology and the parts that make up its shape, have been cut out big blocks by a computer-managed granite-cutting machine.