Greggs. Legenday British Bakery

Greggs. Leggendaria Bakery Britishin italiano

We are all so used to use places like Pret or EAT when visting London, arent we ? I know they too serve amazing on-the-go food, but if you want to try a truly British experinec, Greggs is the way.

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British Chips | Why are they so ugly?

Le Chips Inglesi, perchè son cosi’ brutte?  in italiano

Now, let’s be real, have you ever looked at British chips carefully? I mean the ones that usually come with Fish & Chips?! They are ugly, aren’t they? They often look mushy, wrinkly, not inviting at all. But then, you have the first one and totally forget about how they look. British Chips | Why are they so ugly? Continue reading British Chips | Why are they so ugly?

GAILS – Artisan Bakery in London


There are so many coffee shops and bakeries in London, and some times it is pretty hard to find a very quality one. Let me tell you, shortly, about GAILS. They are a very good quality Bakery and Coffee Shop, in London, and I strongly advice you to go and have of their pastry or a Mince Pie (if you visit London over Christmas!) Continue reading GAILS – Artisan Bakery in London

Hackney Coffee | East London

Hackney Coffee | Londra | Ottimo Caffè & Ambiente Unico in italiano

I ended up in this Cafe because I saw a picture of its interiors on Instagram. I had no idea they had great coffee too. HackNey Coffee is a small reality in East London, and I wanna tell you a little bit about this fascinating place.

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Highness Cafe | Best Cakes & Pastries in London


I have found out about this little Bakery & Cafe in Highbury (Islington, London) just because my boyfriend used to live across the road, literally. What a lovely discovery! Simply Best  Cakes in London (nearly!) Continue reading Highness Cafe | Best Cakes & Pastries in London

Choccywoccydoodah | Chocolate Kingdom | London

Choccywoccydoodah | Il Regno del cioccolato | Londra” in italiano

I should not tell people about this place, because it is like telling the world about your favorite place to relax, sure everybody is going to go there afterwards and it will turn into a definitely less quite and relaxing place. I know, I’m such an idiot 🙂

Many of you probably know Choccy Woccy DooDah because of the TV show that was on telly a few years ago. Well despite that TV show, I don’t think this place has achieved the same amount of success that similar TV shows did, such as Cake Boss. I mean everybody knows about Cake Boss, very very few know about this adorable place!

ChoccyWoccyDooDah is a Brighton based bakery specialized in chocolate cakes. And yes they have their own style! Off their website “We specialise in chocolate, one-off sculptured fantasies, bespoke wedding cakes, chocolate gifts, chocolate pets and really, really naughty stuff.”. Oh well, I love their naughty stuff!

They have a Cafe in London as well, but it just not “somewhere in London”, it is exactly in Central London, basically in the very heart of it. Just off Carnaby Street, or maybe I should say “crowded” Carnaby Street. Thing is, as soon as you turn the corner and find yourself facing the entrance of the Cafe….there is almost nobody, and you get to enter this magic place, filled up with colourful cakes, biscuits, chocolates, chocolate flowers and so much stuff that you need at least 15 mins before you realize everything that is crammed in there.

It really feels like a magic place, out of some kind of kids novel. The ground floor is pretty small nothing huge, and the Cafe on the first floor has the same size, but what a place!
I simply love it! I love to come here on my own, seat at one of the tables next to the windows on the upper level of the tea room, and read a book, a magazine or something while having a slice of one of their amazingly good cakes! It’s quiet. Inside the Cafe but also in the street just down below, it takes you a little bit of time to understand that you are actually in central London, surrounded by thousands of people, because it really feels like you are having a break in a cosy village-Cafe.

The staff is so nice and kind, always smiling and taking care of customers, great service and afforable prices, not expencive at all considering that they became pretty well know thanks to a TV Show (many would take advantages of this and overcharge you just because!) and secondly you are in the very heart of London where prices are always higher.

I think I’ve tried almost every single cake they bake here, often had my cake with a tea of a coffee like I did on my latest visit. The cakes are dence and very intense, you can tell they use very good quality chocolate and ingredients, each slice is massive and served with a dollop of vanilla iced scream.

Ok then, so now you know my secret place in London.

Please don’t share the secret 🙂
Just kidding, take the time to go there and enjoy your time while having yummy cake!

OLE & STEEN BAKERY London – Fab Desserts and Cool Place

OLE & STEEN Bakery LONDRA | Dolci magnifici e posto bellissimo!”  in italiano

This adorable bakery has been a marvellous discovery. I cant recall how I got to know about it, I just know that I fell in love with it even before stepping inside it!

It is a Danish Bakery and I have a thing for danish pastries, a real thing. I thought it was going to be kind of touristic and caotic since it is right in central London, just a few metres away from Piccadilly Circus. Continue reading OLE & STEEN BAKERY London – Fab Desserts and Cool Place