London Pub: The Bull

Here we go again.

Where are we going for lunch today? So, John and I literally marched up and down Upper Street one day looking for a nice place for lunch. After having scraped off the usual Café we have been several times already, and after having scanned every menu pinned outside each and every restaurant along Upper Street, we ended up here.

The Bull Pub.

It looks very pretty. A mix in between a traditional British pub and a Mexican restaurant, with a mezzanine floor for bigger parties and a lovely bar area right in the entrance space. We picked a table right next to the window, scanned the QR (hey, we are going through a Pandemic!) and decided what we wanted to eat.

I went for fried chicken because that was what I was craving, and John picked a lovely pie. Everything was super delicious, the waiter was also very sweet and patient with John who, as usual, asked for extra mash and gravy. I have chosen sweet potatoes as a side for my chicken and that, I guess, was the best thing to do: so yummy and crispy.

From their Website: “We pride ourselves on serving up a seasonal menu that’s packed with hearty, traditional British pub classics. From mouth-watering starters and tasty sharing platters to sensational roasts and freshly grilled burgers alongside sumptuous steaks and great vegetarian and vegan options — we’ve got a dish for you this season.”

The rest of the menu looked interesting too, and they have a great selection of drinks, beers and cocktails.

From their Website: “As is the custom in any Great British pub worth its salt, properly poured drinks are at the heart of what we do. So, from our annual Craft Beer Residency to our limited edition On Tap Beers, we’ve got something to tantalise your taste buds.

Not a beer person? Not a problem. We have a fantastic range of wines from around the world for you to sample, along with a great selection of spirits. For those of you who fancy something a little lighter, we have an amazing selection of low & no alcohol drinks.”

Do I recommend it? Yes, great lovely place, great food and the location is perfect too. Ideal sport after a nice shopping session in Angel.

The Bull: 100 Upper Street, London, Greater London, N1 0NP

London Local Cafe: Cafe & Latte in Pretty Highbury

Yes, another lovely Local café I want to tell you about.

But today I also want to tell you about the area in which this Café is located. It is called Highbury. If you are visiting London, chances are you might never end up here. Or maybe you will since it is where Arsenal Stadium is, and I know a few people love to go and visit that Stadium.

Highbury is a residential area, a lovely “villagy” area. This is where you can find your local butcher, the nice pubs, and a lovey greengrocer too. Located near the posh area of Islington and Angel, where the majority of the houses are very nice looking and expensive, and where many VIPs live.

So if you by any chance find yourself here in Highbury, please do go and enjoy a great traditional Full English Breakfast at CAFÉ & LATTE CAFÉ. They also serve lunch and dinner.

My partner ordered here his breakie with a Bubble and squeak, and if you don’t know what that is, I have an article where I tell you everything you need to know about it 😊

I went for bacon and chips, with a good portion of baked beans too. I can’t have gluten often and not even eggs, so when I do find yummy alternatives I go for it. And everyone loves chips and baked beans, innit?!

The staff is super lovely, and the menu is filled up with a good variety of options. You won’t be disappointed. A lovely traditional café with a nice interior deco: exposed brick walls and a very comfy looking armchair. Everything you need to feel at home.

After the meal you can have a walk going south, and back to Highbury Barn. It is just a few mins away and if you still have a little bit of space in that tummy, please visit Highness Café. I used to go there pretty often when my partner lived in Highbury (born and raised there!). It is a nice family-run bakery and they make every single cake from scratch with the best ingredients. You can read more here, in this article.

Hopefully, you now have an extra option for your traditional breakfast in London. Remember that many more “where to eat” options can be found HERE.

Enjoy your breakie!

Address: 147 Blackstock Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2JS

Ole & Steen | Danish Bakery

This adorable bakery has been a marvellous discovery. I can’t recall how I got to know about it, I just know that I fell in love with it even before stepping inside it!

It is a Danish Bakery and I have a thing for danish pastries, a real thing. I thought it was going to be kind of touristic and chaotic since it is right in central London, just a few meters away from Piccadilly Circus.

Happily surprised to see that it is actually the opposite. Nice dark, modern, sleek, and rather minimalist interiors. As soon as you enter you must take a numbered ticket, go to the pastry counter and tell the staff what you’d love to have, they have pastries and sandwiches, but also avocado on toast and stuff like that.

Everything looks so yummy!

You can also order your drink and collect it from the cafeteria counter. Take your tray and enjoy this fab place!

I love going upstairs, it is so nice. Dimmed lights (that’s why the pictures are nothing good, unfortunately!) and a long nice counter with stools. Free wi-fi and you can stay there as long as you wish.

I fell in love with their Mini Apple Pie. I’ve been baking apple pies for a few years while running my own bakery & cafe, so I guess I can recognize a good apple pie, and Ole & Steen Apple Pie is made to perfection. Tasty with a very good pie crust, filled with flavoured apple chunks, and so-ooo very moist.

Cinnamon Social is another pastry that is to die for. So-ooo flaky and buttery, but at the same time light and tasty. I highly recommend to buy this pastry on your first visit, it is their best seller!

Who are they?!

They have been serving delicious bread and pastries for over 20 years,  products made with the very best ingredients, always.

In 1991, Ole Kristoffersen opened a small bakery in Copenhagen, he wished to create the best pastries ever, baked every day to perfection, by hand. It didn’t take long for the bakery to become very well known in town.

But he was not the only one who actually opened a bakery back in 1991: Steen Skallebaek was opening his own bakery too, this time in Jutland. Similar products, similar ideas, and projects.

In 2008 Ole and Steen decided to join forces.

Nothing much has changed, they still bake the best pastries and bread every day, freshly, at any time of the day.

Very cool and nice place with great quality food.

What else can you ask for?
Prices are affordable, not too high and still, remember you are right in the heart of London.

London Local Cafe: Star Express

Here we are, a lovely local cafe in Angel. This particular one was some kind of surprise. My partner and I were in Angel, as usual, looking for a local cafe, and to be honest with you we wanted to skip the market area, but then we ended up having our fab breakfast here

It is a traditional local café, and even though it is located right on Chapel Market, prices are still very good and in line with a traditional café in a more residential area. We’ve spent an average of £12 for the two of us, and we have been there twice so far.

In these pictures you can see you can have a lot more than the usual fry-up, my partner went for an omelet! Me, being intolerant to a lot of things, I have to adapt and my plate always looks kinda sad! 😊

I have lots more suggestions on local cafe HERE

This area is so nice, the market is a traditional local market, not a tourist one so I strongly recommend visiting Angel. Also, on the nearby (1 min walk away!) the main road you can find lots of restaurants, shops and there are 3 supermarkets in the area too.

Address: 71 Chapel Market, The Angel, London N1 9ER

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