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MARTIN KITCHEN in aeroporto in italiano

Looking for a nice British Food and Coffee place? Read on.  It may look like one of the other million of coffee shops that can be easily found in London. But it is not. I kinda pumped into James Martin Kitchen a while back while waiting for a flight at Stansted Airport, and decided to give it a try since the food looked amazing in there. (and I am usually quite picky when it comes to breakfast time!). 

It is all about typical British food and locally sourced, of course you can get your coffee (cappuccino is super good and frothy!). Hot breakfast is served and sausage bap is, of course, in the Menu. James Martin, the owner and a well known chef, decided to open these coffee shops due to the fact that he could not find some proper “British food” in the most popular cafes in London.

It has some kind of vintage look and modern style all perfectly mixed together, and after 5 minutes in there you will be thankful you decided to come in here and skip Pret. (Well, I love Pret anyway!) Another fab breakfast can be done at the famous CEREAL KILLER CAFE in london, and I tell you all about it in my post!

I highly reccomand this place if you are flight from Stansted but it can be found in Manchester and other locations too. Check this out.: JMK LOCATIONS.

Porridge is made from 100% british oats, freshly made croissant pastry, soup is made with fresh and heartful ingredients and coffee is a perfect blend of Arabica beans. 

Have you ever been to James Martin kitchen?