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Hackney Coffee | Londra | Ottimo Caffè & Ambiente Unico in italiano

I ended up in this Cafe because I saw a picture of its interiors on Instagram. I had no idea they had great coffee too. HackNey Coffee is a small reality in East London, and I wanna tell you a little bit about this fascinating place.

Jon PennJames PennKevin Mills are the founders, who fell in love with South American coffee during a trip back in 2008. They really wanted to bring back to London the amazing experience of drinking great coffee and knowing its history, which is a great experience in itself.  They wanted to pair this amazing tasting coffee with a place that can make you feel at home, in a very cosy place. And I think they achived that.

They all come from East London, so the location was pretty much easy to decide upon, also because Kevins parents owned the premises where they decided to have the Cafe. Said and done, Hackney Coffee was a super cool reality now. The building itself was actually already a brewery yaers ago, so it seemed like they were bringing something back to life, no beer but great coffee.

they kept the original exposed bricks and decorated the back room with plants, plus the roof is actually a glass roof, which brings natural light in.

And its not all. The builging has more space which the guys are now planning to develop and finish up with a restaurant and cocktail bar. The coffee is super flavoured and I also had a very flaky croissant, pain au chocolate looked massive and super yummy.

And how about the coffee? Here some info taken from their website:

“We’ve partnered with an award-winning UK roaster, who carefully oversees production, roasting in small batches to exacting standards, using cutting-edge technology and the wisdom of years of experience to create what we feel is some of the best coffee on the market.

Our beans are sourced through direct trade with farmers, providing 100% traceability from field to cup. This sourcing policy ensures that the prices farmers receive are far higher than the Fairtrade scheme. Our partners are committed to building lasting relationships with farmers, ensuring strong ethical standards and environmentally responsible practices”
HERE you can find a list of their SPECIALTY COFFEES.

Keep this place in your to do list of things to see in London, also the venue CAN BE HIRED for your special events! I think this is a great idea and opportunity since its a very pretty place.They recently hosted a Wedding reception!

Why should you go here since there are so many cafes in London?

Well, I guess because it is cool, coffee is great, you can Instagram it and its not a touristic place!

Looking for nice cafes to be used as “coworking space“,

where you can go and work on your laptop? Check my video out!

Looking for a JOB ?

Try and see if they have ad on their CAREER PAGE! It could be a great opportunity!

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