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Cosa devi vedere a Covent Garden in italiano

First of all let me tell you that after so many years in London, Covent Garden remains probably my favourite area even in 2019, almost 2020! Spacious, colourful and with lots of nice Cafes, well you know I am so-ooo much into Cafes! So let’s see what you can do and see in Covent Garden if you are visiting London.

Street Performers

Covent Garden is very well known for its street performers, located in the main square. they actually need a Licence to perform there and go through audition! So yes, you get the top shelf street performers here! So take a minute to relax and watch these great performers, they very often get people involved in the show!

Seven Dials

Colourful buildings, love this place! Do you know why it is called Seven Dials? It all originated in the early 1690s when the MP Thomas Neale asked an architect to design the area split into triangles starting from the little main roundabout. The reason for splitting the buildings this way was that houses were being sold per foot of frontage and not per square foot of its interiors, so by doing it this way, there was more frontage space, hence higher prices. You can watch my video filmed in SEVEN DIALS – It’s a nice walk around the area!

There are lots of nice shops here in Seven Dials, and pubs too.

Neals Yard & Market

Of course you cant miss this adorable spot! Neals Yard is a little hidden coutyard in Seven Dials, and its buildings have vibrant colours, that’s what it is very well known for. I have an Article that I am sure you want to read to discover how it all started and its history. And of course this spot is definitely instagrammable! Please tag me in your photo on IG! #eventuallybusy !

Also, not so long ago, an indoor market named Seven Dials Market opened in the area, ideal for lunch and evening drinks, although I find it a bit crowed. Your call! You can see the market in my Seven Dials Video.  The Market is located in 35 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LD. – And of course, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel because many more videos are planned!

Markets in Covent Garden | Antiques on mondays

There are a few markets in Covent Garden, the most famous one is the Apple Market. The one you see as soon as you get here, the most beautiful one. Lots of stalls with artisan gifts, so the perfect destination if you wanna get little presents for your friends and family. Watch my video filmed in Covent Garden to see how beautiful this market area is. Plus, there is another one just around the corner, Jubilee Market. Both very good for souvenirs. Yes, I will show you this market as well in my video.

They have Antiques on Mondays!

The London Transport Museum

Its a cool place to go too, either if it is just a passion of yours or if you want to go with kids. It shows you all about the history of London Transportation. Heads up: Tickets are not exactly cheap, its £17 per person, underage go in for free tough. Another cool thing about this place is the gift shop, you can find some of the best gift ideas, all TFL related, of course. Official merchandising only. Located in Covent Garden, London WC2E 7BB. Open every day, 10am till 6pm.

Telephone Boxes

Here we are, another IG perfect place! Many people go to the 2 iconic telephone boxes near Westminister Sq. to get a nice photo of the famous London telephone boxes, but I guess this spot is definitely better. So this might not be a place of particular cultural interest, but come on, we all know we love taking those pics to be posted on Instagram ! 🙂 The address is 5, Broad Ct, WC2B 5QH.

Cafes & Shops

Tonz of places where you can stop for a quick snack or a meal. Pubs, Cupcake Shops, Street Food and a few very pretty cafes where you can have a great coffee. TY SEVEN DIALS is maybe my favourite one in the area.

Have you been to Covent Garden before? Do you have any particular suggestion? Please do leave a comment 🙂