What to do when you get Stuck! Start again!

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It is all about motivation. So now you know. from the very beginning.I know that it does sound pretty bad, but we actually need to think about ourselves as a Computer sometimes: we too need to be rebooted every now and then, we do get stuck and need to start again, with a little help.

I have explained to you all how you can change your career in your 40s, I have told you how to change your life and be happy, but I know very well that even though you truly wanna do all this, it can be very difficult sometimes.We all get those moments when everything seems to be just hard, so hard. It could be anything, work, or even a friendship, our relationship, a new hobby even ! First thing that comes up into our mind is – I will start tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow then. – And in the meantime we all start doing other things, not related to what we should actually do, at all. Social media play a big role in all this, big, big distraction and a fab excuse.

Yes we do have a to do, but suddently we cant find it or maybe we just pretend we have better things to do. So how do we go about with this issue? How do we overcome this block we all get sometimes?

We know we have to do it, we know it is so-ooo bad to just postpone it again and again, but we do it anyway because we lack motivation.

We love motivation.

To be motivated it is not as easy as it may sound. It involves a series of things that have to come from deep inside, and of course, motivation leads to good things and good things also mean rewards.

What i mean by this, is that most of the times we need to think about how we would feel after having done what we have to do. How do you feel a gym session? Sure you do feel tired but very satisfied. Well, it is that kind of feeling. Same thing can be pretty much applied to everthing. That great sensation, that amazing feeling …yes you are happy and can definitely be proud of yourself for have done something that you thought it was hard to do.

Well done.

So now, just get those blocks away and get motivated. this How You Can Do it !


Exercise and get focused. yes it is proven that a little bit of workout can help to make you feel better, hence you can be motivated and go ahead with what you have to do easily.Just go for a walk, you dont need a 2 hour session at the gym.


Dont spend too much time on it. If you want to do something well, do it for a little time, take a break and start again. You wont get bored and wont feel tired. Actually, you you feel like you are doing great and want to do more.


Yes do you a to do list, but dont go crazy and dont get nervous if you can not stick to it. Review it several time during the day and decide what needs to be done now and what can be postponed with no stress. by stressing yourself so much about a to do list, will just take motivation away from you, and this is what makes us feel like we just can not do thing properly. It is a circle, really.


You are about to start this new great journey and are so motivated. Too much. Yes we can be over-motivated and this is not always a good thing. We can become obsessed with and try to avoid things that can jeoparty our project. let me give you an example. We are working on a project that we truly like, and in order to keep motivated and keep going, we give up our spare time with friends and family. this is ok for a little while but can become a negative thing in the long run. right balance is the right way.


celebrate. reward yourself for what you have achieved. Even if it is just for a section of what you need to do. thsi will definitely help you to feel great and looking forward for your next step.


I had this myself, while working on my beloved Secret Recipe Book. I was so much into it, and in the end I felt bored and sick of it. Literally. It was not fun anymore, lost interest and motivation. this is becuase I was in a rush to finish it and do a greta job. I should have stressed out less. give yourself time.

Basically at the end of the day it all comes down to being happy with ourselves. Those blocks can be taken away, and we can overcome any bad situation. We just need to know that things can be achieved, most of them, easily. Especially if we do not stress about them. Give yourself a break, be gentle with yourself. Yes, this will help to get through it. As weird as it might sound, the less you plan it and stress about it, the easier it will be to get it done.





3 thoughts on “What to do when you get Stuck! Start again!

  1. I got stuck at the moment, end of the study, no one answers to my job applications, so what I now feel to do is to dedicate myself to my passions. This way I can feel a little bit better, I take a breath and I try to motivate myself. Thank you for your advice!

  2. I love your computer metaphore at the beginning, it says it all… you know like those people that, when the pc won’t work, click on every button only to end up worsening the situation? With stress is the same… if you overdo, then you lose motivation… and motivation is everything, at least for me!

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