How to change your life and be happy.


Anyway, I am going through another major change in my life and this article might seem pretty similar to previous ones such as “Question yourself – How to get rid of your weaknesses” and also to “The reason why you must learn how to stay alone“. But I promise it is different. Although I advice you to go and read those two too, because both of them kind of fall into todays topic as well. We all need some motivational speech from someone we barely know, don’t we? And a life change is often needed but it looks very daunting.


Not a teenager and I am not even in my 30s. Actually I am definitely in my 40s. Me, the one who has been travelling since forever and you might already know that I have lived pretty much everywhere. Tend to adapt easily to new environments and new cultures, and to changes as well, of course.I must admit I was not like this years ago, I was a little scared of changing things, and probably very insecure too.  

I have heard so many times people coming up with things such as “oh well, you know, I don’t like my job that much but it pays the bills” or even ” oh well, what do you want me to change at my age? it is too late”.  Italians in particular have this very annoying habit of complaining about pretty much anything,but when it comes to change things around, nope. They will find excuses and wont even bother trying. Often blaming something or someone else.

Of course I am generalizing. I know very well not all italians are as I have just described them, I personally know a bunch of very cool italians x.

I have radically changed my life almost 2 years ago when I moved back to the UK ( where I had lived for many years already and studied at Uni, where I literally grew up), I have now a good job, a nice place to live, and I could easily think “that’s it, I am ok“.

Nope, I am not ok. I know I am overqualified for this job, I am keeping this job just because I have found the courage to say :

No, this is not enough for me, I deserve more, and I will achieve more.

My point is, look inside yourself, if you are not happy with your life, you are always in time to change it, at least partially if not the whole of it. You should always credit yourself and try things out. What is it that you would love to do, honestly ?!  Go out and get it, or at least try. Not even trying to achieve our goals is the biggest mistake ever.

Tell me, exactly, who said that there is a limit to do things in late? Who came up with a time limit for changing things aroung, for improving yourself, for getting a new job, or move to another Country? It is not a Law, it is usually people belief. And it is so wrong.

I am about to enroll in a new course to get a new professional qualification, which to be very honest to you , it will cost me an arm and a leg, but I consider it an investment.Next step will be  a short University course and get a new Certificate. Obtained a BA Hons already, a Degree that I have never used, pretty much. But somehow it will come handy, that’s another thing I will try to do.

Yes, I am not that young, but I am reconsidering all my life, well, almost all of it. Again. Is it scary? Of course it is, it is bloody overwhelming. But what do you think it is better, complaining, moaning and…do nothing coming out with a long list of excuses, or maybe…give it a go and  being able, one day, to say ” I did try!” ?! I would go for option B.

It is not an easy process, I know that. 

One thing we need to consider is The Bubble. The Bubble is where some things are ok and some are not, but we are so used to it  that in the end we find it very difficult to face those negatives bits and say No More! Because The Bubble is a cosy place, I do understand that. But where is The Bubble taking you? Nowhere. It is like when you wanna go to the gym but you keep postponing it, and by avoiding to go…It will be so f£$%&/ing hard once you decide to go, eventually.

Dont give up straight away.

As I said, if you keep postponing things, it will all look like a huge rock you need to lift once you, finally, try. That’s when you will feel like, “ok I have tried, I cant do it!“. Of course you can. You need to train your strength and willpower exactly like you would train your muscles when you go back  to the gym after a long time. So dont give up straight away, I know at the beginning it all feels very heavy and too much, but nope, it is not. This will lead you exactly where you wanna go.

Personal grow will start when you will push yourself over the limit, over that point where you would have normally…. quit.

Make it happen.

Start with a list of things that you must do in order to achieve your goal. This will help you to have it all under control and to avoid panicking about that. It works for me anyway. Surround yourself with positive people, people who may share the same dreams or positive people in general. Get rid of those that wont believe in you, you don’t need that, this is going to be a major change in your life. You need to be surrounded but positive stuff and encouragement. No Shit.

Pick one thing from that action list and…do it. Just start. You will soon feel that special feeling running through your vein, that excitement we get when something new and nice happens. You are that thing. Or at least you are the beginning of it.

It is not too late, and if someone says so, well read above ( get rid of them!). It is never too late to reinvent yourself, face those little scary steps you will be asked to take to get up there, where you will be eventually happy.

Wanna change job at 50? Why not. Wanna get a new Uni Degree at 45? Why not. Wanna get out of a long unhappy relationship? Why not, just about time. Dont become accustomed to something that does not make you happy, there is always a good way out.

Belive me when I say that the moment you will start taking action, you will feel so motivated and great already. Of course, the day after you might also feel flipping scared to death and will feel like you wanna give up. But you will not give you, because that great vibe will be inside you already and…nope, there is no coming back.

A Prince2 Qualification and a new Uni Certificate from Brentwood College are the first 2 things in my action list, whats yours?



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  1. i’ve loved this post, maybe because i’ve changed my life when i’ve moved in Australia. And yes, sometimes we need to move and change to understand which are the important things in our life.

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