So here we are again, a piece of my life goes public, but I’d thought I’d give you some sort of update on how things are going, and on how I am actually working on myself to achieve my goals and get some happiness into my life. Let’s talk about weaknesses.

As you can read in my article “LIFE SUCKS? ITS YOUR FAULT“, I quit my job and was attending interviews. I got a new job, after having gone through three interviews with the same Company, they offered me a job. I did not apply for an advertised job position, I just sent them my CV and Cover Letter and enquired about a position that could be suitable for me. They replied, called me in for these 3 interviews and offered me a job as Catering Operations Manager, big company, cool workplace, amazing new adventure. Of course I was on cloud nine.

Then suddenly anxiety regarding my new job was overwhelming. I kept asking myself whether I was good enough for it or not and ended up spending a few days analysing my strengths and weaknesses. Luckly I managed to figure out what exactly was making me think that I might have not been good enough for it.

Managed to point down my weaknesses and started to question myself: what should I do about them? How can I fix them?

And it all unfolded itself pretty easily actually. Once you get a clear picture of what the problem is, you can start thinking about solutions. We often stress ourselves out too much or get really anxious about things….but if we get asked which things are bothering us, pretty often we are not able to give an answer to that. This is the problem, not knowing what really is bothering us.

Once you overcome your weaknesses you can focus on your strengths.

To help you out in finding these weaknesses, think about your past experience and try and pin point where or how you did not manage to do or face a particular something. Has this happened more than once in your life? Is it something you often struggle with? That’s it. That’s YOUR weakness. That is what you need to work on.

get rid of your weaknesses

I enrolled to a Leadership & Management Course at The Open University as a first step in fixing my weaknesses. I have been managing staff for ages and have been working for pretty big Companies for years.I know quite a lot about management in general, but right now I felt like I was lacking on something, like I needed an update or some extra info. A guideline. This course is helping me so much and it will definitely help me to overcome my anxiety which is directly linked to my weaknesses.

something is bothering you = problem = weaknesses

weaknesses addressed = focus on your strenghts

At the same time, although it might sound very silly, I have bought new clothes, “casual chic” style, more suitable for me new role. Some good vitamins to help my fingernails to start growing stronger again have been added to this “reborn” plan. Part of my previous job was all about making wedding cakes….I had sh%$y fingernails for the past few years. You can’t really have long fingernails, let alone with nail vanish, and they get really weak after a while for being constantly immerged in baking ingredients!

Bottom line: if you think there is something that is really bothering you, keeping you up all night, making you feel anxious, just stop for a minute. Take some “me time” and literally jot down ideas, thoughts, question yourself. Ask yourself questions and give yourself honest answers. This will help you so much to get a clear picture of what the problem might be.

Once you get to this point, try and find a solution. Please bear in mind that sometimes the solution might be something we don’t actually like.

If you get all those uncomfortable feelings (…keeping you up all night, making you feel anxious) in a relationship, the problem might be that your weakness is actually you letting your partner do something you don’t like but you keep justifying it, keep accepting it. I know it is not easy at all, but if you manage to see things from the outside, dis-attaching yourself a bit from it, you will see things clearly. This mean you will be able to point down the weaknesses, which in this case, are all about how you are letting your relationship go. Take care of yourself first, accept someone in your life that is on the same page as you, don’t accept to be on someone else’s page just for the sake of it if you don’t like “that page”.


This is a different approach to the “find your weaknesses” method, and definitely tougher sometimes, but it might help.

Same thing can be said about a job that we are currently doing and that gives us those uncomfortable feelings again. Analyse it, are you sure you are doing a job that you actually like? Is there something else that might be more suitable for you? Try and picture in your mind how you’d feel in another workplace doing something else.

Going on and on every day complaining about things or feeling like there is something that makes us not feel good enough, this will not take us to any kind “better place”, it will make it worse actually.

Try and change what is bothering you, at least try. I’m such a great believer in stepping forward in life and try and change things, even small ones can change so much in our lives.

And you, what about you! Have you ever been through such a phase where you had to sit down and try to figure out what you had to change in order to feel better and/or better things in your career?

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