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30 Cose che devi sapere per usare la Metropolitana come un Londinese!in italiano

Whether we like it or not, in London, we all use the Tube. Whether we like it or not, there are things we’ve learned over time, there are things we know shouldn’t be done, and there are things that help us make our journey less stressful.

But if you’ve just arrived in London, maybe some of those things might be new to you. So, here’s a nice list of 30 things you need to know to use the Tube like a Londoner!

And if you already live here, I’m sure you’ll agree with many of these points!

  1. You become a champion in zigzagging through the crowd in the tube, because you’re in a hurry. Like everyone else.
  2. Make up your mind on how to walk, fast or slow. But keep that pace, stick to it.
  3. You soon learn to use even those 10 minutes of tube ride to read, do your make-up, have breakfast, etc.
  4. Stand on the right on the escalator, and on the left only if you’re in a hurry. Simple, right? What’s not clear about it?
  5. Don’t read your phone while walking, you will learn it quickly.
  6. Don’t get stuck in front of the barrier as soon as you go through it. It’s not just you, the one behind you is now stuck in there because of you.
  7. You’ll soon find out that Citymapper also tells you which wagon you need to enter to be closer to the exit.person near train
  8. Please don’t be the persone who leans on the central pole of the carriage . People have to be able to hold on to it. It’s not yours.
  9. You already know you have to calculate the delays, rare, but there do exists.
  10. Don’t be the one who tries to get on the train 1 second before the doors close, only to get stuck in it and create delays. You already know everyone will hate you.
  11. Don’t try to read the paper that the guy sat next to you is reading.
  12. Nor try to read what he’s messaging on his cell phone.
  13. Remember to check what time the first tube train leaves in the morning time. Times change from a tube line to another.
  14. And of course remember to check if at night, on the weekend, the line you need to take is a night tube line. Not all of them are.
  15. Read the signs to make sure you know where you are going while in the tube station, do not try to guess, you will get lost.
  16. Do not occupy other empty seats with bags and handbag. Other passengers may have you arrested. Well ok not really, but you got the point.
  17. If you don’t want to run the risk to soffocate in the crowd or to be elbowed in your face – avoid Bank Station during rush hour!
  18. Every now and then look up from his cell phone, there might be someone who needs to sit down. Give up your seat!people riding escalator
  19. The Overground almost always does, but so do other lines: maintenance closures over the weekend! So check that out well in advance!
  20. You soon learn that on the Victoria Line it’s boiling hot.
  21. You will quickly learn that, in a few stations, changing tube line inside within the station, will take you away a lot of time. Baker StreetStation for example!
  22. To survive the London Underground, you soon learn that from Leicester Square to Covent Garden you have to walk there: do not take the tube!
  23. Use Citymapper and calculate your itinerary.
  24. Take your backpack off your shoulders when you enter a crowded train. Unless you want to be insulted by fellow passengers.
  25. Do you have to take the Tube from a station near a stadium? Check that there’s not football match that day. It could be very, very crowded.
  26. Please don’t be the person who arrives right in front of the barrier, and hasn’t pulled out the Oyster or a Contactless yet. Don’t do that.
  27. You will learn not to the stairs at the station in Covent Garden.
  28. Don’t look anyone in the eye. At first, this might sound crazy, but you’re going to learn how to do it, too.
  29. Do not be the person that stands right in front the carriage door before they open, respect the rule “let the passengers off the train first!”. Stand aside!
  30. I wanted to tell you, that you can resign yourself to the fact that even after 10 years you will continue to get lost inside Bank tube station!