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There are so many Travel Apps and many will definitely make our life easier while travelling in  London.  Citymapper is different tough. Yes, it is the best one, well I truly love it and the majority of londoners love it too. It is by far the best app we need to move around London.

Let’s see how it works.


Citymapper won’t just take you from A to Z.

Citymapper tells you:

  • the best way  to get there first.
  • All combinations of trains of the tube.
  • All combinations of Buses.
  • All combinations of Metro & Buses
  • How long it takes you to walk from A to Z.
  • When there are delays or heavy traffic.
  • What is the best solution iif it is raining.

Citymapper doesn’t connect you from a station to another station. It asks you where you are, NOW (current location) and takes you to where you want to go (which you would enter by typing the precise name of the area, House, street or name of a place), and tells you EXACTLY how long it takes, in total. Even walking distance. Door to Door. Literally.

You can save the locations you often use for easier access. I, for example, saved”home” and “work”. Therefore, whenever I have to calculate a route from these two places, I only write “Home” or “Work” and Citymapper already has the Location stored.

But not just that.

You can also tell CityMapper when and at what time you want to get to a specific place. Or at what time do you have to leave from a location and be at another one at a certain time. I mean, you ask ….and CityMapper will take you there.

Even for those who, like me, have been in London for a lifetime, it is impossible to know perfectly by heart every route and all the Bus numbers.

I wouldn’t live without it.

You can also use it if you want to catch a train to locations that are, however, in the urban area of Greater London even if it is no longer London-City.

When you start using it, you can also:

  • view the Tube Map
  • see the buses passing by near your current location
  • which Tube lines are having delays
  • take a car with ZipCar
  • Check East London Ferry

Once you’ve calculated the route, turn it on: Click on GO. Citymapper will tell you exactly where you’re on the route, by showing it on the map that follows you thanks to GPS. If you use it for a trip on the Bus, it notifies you before your stop, so you can get off the right bus stop.

I’m going to leave you a video. If you download it and use it, let me know what you think 🙂