Vegan Muffins!

Muffins VEGANI! in italiano

Let’s start with a confession here: this is my very first Vegan recipe. That’s why I decided to bake something very easy. At the beginning I was very doubtful, I thought I was going to fail, big time. But no, not at all. These muffins are super good and I do love the consistency as well.

Plus…guess what I have used to replace the eggs ….


  • 200 g white sugar
  • 350 ml soy milk
  • 300 g flour
  • 250 ml oil
  • 100 ml chickpea water
  • 4g di baking powder

Yes, that is correct. “chickpea water”. This recipe calls for chickpea water, have you ever thought to use it for cooking?! I knew it can be used in a few recipes, but this was the first time I’ve actually used it, because I could not understand how chickpea water could possibly replace eggs.

Well, I did find out as soon as I started to whisk it, like I would have done with egg whites. In fact, it is exactly like it looks like: whisked egg whites.


  1. Whisk the chickpea water using your standing mixer or a hand-mixer.
  2. Add in the oil and the sugar. Keep whisking for 2-3 mins.
  3. Add in the soy milk and then the flour and baking powder.
  4. When the mixture is ready line a muffin tin with cpaper cases and pour the mixture into 12 cases. into 12 paper cases.
  5. Pour about half a spoon of jam in each muffin (I’ve used raspberry jam) then, using a fork, slightly mix the jam with the mixture. (see picture).
  6. Bake for 25 minutes in a preheated oven. (175°)


These Vegan Muffins were a revelations, really! I’ve actually poured half the mixture into a bowl and added some cocoa powder and hazelnuts (grains).

Flavour is intence, and of course they do not taste like chickpeas! Chickpea water contains proteins, exactly like eggs do, and proteins give strengh to the mixture and help it to raise while baking.

Have you ever used chickpea water in any recipe?


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