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I have lived in London for a lifetime and I often realize that I have never done things that all tourists do. Sometimes I understand that I’ve seen fewer places compared to what visitors see! I have been on a mini-cruise on the Thames twice, as a summer party of my previous company. Nice evening. As a tourist I would definitely recommend doing such a thing, it’s worth it but… don’t buy the mini-cruise specifically arranged for tourists!

Image courtesy by Thames Clippers

I recently took a ride on a UBER BOAT (aka Thames Clippers) – wow, so good! And the cost is super low when compared to that of tourist boats. Uber Boats is a kind of taxi along the Thames, and the wonderful thing is you get the chance to go underneath all the beautiful bridges, including the TOWER BRIDGE! Let’s face it, it is a dream experience that is not quickly forgotten. It is a fairy-tale bridge, too cute and, passing under it, it is truly magical!

Where does it start from?

I traveled from the London Eye to Greenwich but obviously, there is an even longer journey starting from the Battersea area. You can book online, or in person at the ticket office at each stop. But currently, the cheapest solution is to buy the ticket with the UBER app. I saved around £ 2.00.

Ho risparmiato circa £2.00.   VIEW THE MAP

For more info and tickets: CLICK HERE (Uber Boat website)

Image courtesy by Thames Clippers

Onboard there is a small coffee shop where you can buy snacks and coffee. The seats are comfortable and almost look like those of an aeroplane. In short: all very modern and comfortable! All along the way, you will find yourself wanting to observe a thousand things, left and right! You will see City Hall, the City, The Shard, and then Canary Wharf. It also gives you the chance to explore the East London area, an area that you may never have seen on foot: the most deserted and industrial part along the Thames!


It’s an incredible experience, definitely a must-do in London!