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Londra & Cibo : 10 Libri che Devi avere! in italiano

If you come to London and then say you eat badly, the problem is yours, let’s face it. Perhaps 25 years ago there was no culinary culture that we have now, it was a city made largely for commerce and tourism, which at the time was certainly not aimed at food. At the time, London was mainly focused on  features such as Piccadilly Circus and the Queen! The good, indeed yummy, typically British dishes had no reason to be offered to tourism. But things have changed. Not only now you can find places where you can enjoy some typical British dishes, done properly, but the city is full of places where you can eat really well, for all budgets and for all tastes.

Here’s a list of 10 books you ‘must’ because they give you a perfect general idea of how this city can give you so much in cafes and restaurants.


1.London’s Best Brunches

The best place for avocado toast or porridge? Here’s a guide with the 50 best places to spend a pleasant morning at. Whether it’s a business or more than a special occasion, there’s always a place near you to cater for any brunch need. From coffee and eggs in an art gallery (No67) to a canal toastie (Towpath café), waffles overlooking London (Duck and Waffle), or a fry-up after a walk in the park (The Pavilion Café). The book is made by those who actually visited all these places, so real opinions, done really well!

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2.A Guide to London’s Classic Cafes and Fish and Chip Shops

How could you ever miss such a guide! A must for those who really want to enjoy the experience of a real Full English Breakfast!

A guide to classic Cafes and Fish & Chip shops in London offers a thoughtful and tasteful look at London’s best classic cafes and fish and chip shops, offering a culinary tour of the capital’s traditional, retro and understated food scene. Each café is specially photographed to include images of food, signs, menus and their unique style. This book is the perfect gift for anyone visiting the capital and wanting to sample London’s classic delicacies.

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3.Eat Like a Londoner
If you want to live London like a real Londoner,this is the book for you because it takes you to discover the places that we londoners go to! From iconic restaurants to cult and local restaurants. Beautifully illustrated and colorful, this original guide presents the places that put the city on the culinary map, and the local restaurants, neighborhoods and markets popular among real Londoners.

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4.Vegan London

There’s everything… and for everyone! This guide is made to meet the needs and cravings of vegans. London has one of the most eclectic vegan food scenes in the world, and is growing by the day. Whether you’re vegan or vegan-curious, local or visiting, use this guide to plan your itinerary around the city, and enjoy London ethically without missing out on great food.

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 5. Tea & Cake London

Most likely it’s among my favorite books! All the best Bakeries and the most classic or modern cafes where you can spend moments relaxing to enjoy sweets, maybe with a great tea! Tea & Cake London is a comprehensive guide to the best places to enjoy tea and cake across the capital. Fascinating, knowledgeable and often surprising, this beautiful book shows more than 70 cafes, bakeries and tea rooms to discover and illustrates each place with a breathtaking photograph. So, if you’re looking for a traditional afternoon tea, casual coffee where you can gossip a little, vegan delights or a strange tea room, Tea & Cake highlights a special destination.

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6. Made in London – The Cookbook

This book won’t physically take you around London, but it will bring back to your home the culinary experience of this beautiful city. From the dinner clubs and the street food scene that flourishes today, Britain’s capital has always been a tempting attraction for those who live to eat. The book contains recipes invented in the city. Next to these are new and exciting dishes. But also where to buy cheese, the most delicious chocolate shops in the city, or the best cocktail bars for a glass. Beautifully illustrated with contemporary photographs of London, alongside vintage images from historical archives.

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7. Breakfast London

This book also gives you a chance to enjoy London as a Londoner, but this time it takes you not only to the Cafes where you can do a good Full English Breakfast, but in the places where, in general, the Londoners love to have breakfast, of all kinds! New favorite places for breakfast and brunch, including trendy venues and hidden gems. 120 best breakfast places in London, beautiful original photographs, delicious dishes and a behind-the-scenes look with the best chefs who create them.

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8. London Villages

This delightful book doesn’t take you straight to specific cafés & restaurants, but takes you to the cutest and most quaint neighborhoods of the city, where you’ll surely find authentic and non-touristy places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner! This guide allows you to explore the capital’s best neighborhoods, highlighting the independent shops, cafes and public spaces that give the capital its inimitable character. There are dozens of hidden “villages” in London, all to be discovered! With atmospheric photographs, an illustrated map for each village, a starting point to explore the city in a new way.

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9.Eat Like a Local

Questo è un libro da 144 pagine senza troppe pretese in fatto di grandi fotografie, questo va dritto al sodo: i posti “locali” dove mangiare a Londra! Una guida pratica, con foto e descrizioni.Con più di 100 dei migliori ristoranti, caffè, bar e mercati consigliati da un team di londinesi in-the-know. Ed ha un prezzo alla portata di tutti! Clicca QUI per comprarlo su AMAZON !

10.Eat London: All About Food

This is a 144-page book unpretentious in big photographs, this goes straight to the point: the “local” places to eat in London! A practical guide, with photos and descriptions. With more than 100 of the best restaurants, cafes, bars and markets recommended by a team of Londoners in-the-know. And it has a price within everyone’s reach!

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