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Harris & Hoole a Londra in italiano

I had just finished working and I was going to the gym. It is a 20 minute walk and decided to avoid oxford Street, as I usually do because it is too touristy and the 20 minute walk magically turns into a 45 minute walk with a final headhache included. I was actually walking along this secondary road and literally bumped into this adorable Coffee Shop, Harris & Hoole. It looked very relaxing and cosy from outside. A week after that I needed a place where I could just sit, have a coffee and work on my laptop, so I remembered about this lovely cafe straight away. Definitely a great pick Ellie !I sat in there for almost 4 hours, it was a saturday afternoon in august, but since,as I mentioned before, it is located on a secondary road (although it is right in central London)….there was nobody, just me and other 2 customers. A few more joined at 6.00pm when i was about to leave.

I ordered a Flat White and a croissant, both very good. Flacky and buttery croissant (as it should be!) and a very good quality Flat White. I was also very surprised to see that prices are rather good compared to other Coffee Places, and choice of pastry was rather inviting too. A similar pastry  quality  can be found at Fabrique, another place that I simply adore! More a bakery than a cafè, and very well known for their cardamon buns!

There is a very particular thing about this coffee shop chain. it all starded 3 years ago with a very special partenship between Taylor St Baristas, bringing in their broad experience in the coffee industry, and…guess what? With TESCO. Yes the popular supermarket chain. For this reason Harris & Hoole have several “Cofffee Corners” right into many Tesco stores.

And there is more! They also have a very particular name for a very particular reason!

At first you might think that Harris and Hoole are the two surnames of the two founders. But nope, it is not like that. Harris & Hoole are two name that can be found in a 400 year old diary by Samual Pepys, describing a night out in a coffee house where he met some locals, among them one was named Harris and the other Hoole. All these info can be found in details on H&H website !


Where do I find this place?

I have been to the one in Fitzrovia  (136-138 New Cavendish St,London,W1W 6YD) but many more can be found in london and in the South east as well.

“Many people haven’t drunk coffee like this. We want to change that. Our coffee is better, different and exciting. ” (from their website) – Lets see why.

Passionate about Coffee. Perfect combination between acidity and sweetenss. All this paired with a great team of baristas. Professionally trained from day one to serve you the best coffee ever. Most important thing, they always try to achieve a better coffee quality even though the current one is eccellent, improvement is definitely a key word for H&H.

Follow them on Facebook, and you can also get a detailed list of locations on their website. Harris & Hoole.