UK Jobs: The recovery continues and is especially rewarding the younger ones

Over the past few months there has been an increase of 501,000 paid employees under the age of 25

For some months now, the United Kingdom has been recording growing values ​​as regards the world of work.

Although there are still various sectors suffering from a lack of personnel due to the pandemic and Brexit which has forced many to return to their countries of origin, including hospitality and transport, according to the latest data from the ONS, the statistical office UK, July-September 2021 estimates show positive data with a quarterly increase in the employment rate , while the unemployment rate decreased and the economic inactivity rate remained broadly unchanged.

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Opening a LTD in London: flexibility in the world of work

Opening a LTD in London: flexibility in the world of work. Cost for the entrepreneur for hiring and costs for firing

Why open a ltd in London ? For many reasons and not just for the very high economic reputation enjoyed by the 4th largest economy in the world. Being able to open a ltd in London without annoying bureaucratic complications, and manage it effectively, counting on many tax breaks and the opportunity to reduce taxes to a minimum , are valid reasons for looking to the United Kingdom with confidence .

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Brexit six years later: what next?

Brexit six years later: for Europeans living in the UK it is still an open wound

The survey, conducted by various British universities for the Migzen project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, asked the opinion of hundreds of European citizens who in 2016 had been resident in Great Britain for over five years and who therefore had the right permanent residence permit or “settled status”.

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Masters Degrees in Finance in London UK 2023

In order to successfully gain a Masters qualification, a number of credits must be gained by passing individual modules.

Most taught in MScs will have a number of core modules that you need to take and pass in order to qualify. Assessment of the Research Master is almost always entirely from a single dissertation module or project.

Finance is the study of money management, and includes everything from personal savings to bookkeeping to investment banking. A finance student may choose to specialize in a particular field such as retirement planning or corporate investment or may opt for a general education with an overview of all areas of finance.

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Employment contract in the UK: How does it work?

Before accepting a job you should know how an employment contract works in the UK .

If you work for at least one month continuously you are entitled to a written employment contract or written statement which should be given to you within 13 weeks of starting work. You will find that employers in the UK are generally happy to have a written employment contract because it also protects them.

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How to buy a house in England

Buying a house is a big financial commitment and even more when it comes to doing it abroad. Buying or selling a house in England normally takes 2-3 months, but the process can take longer if you are part of a chain of buyers or sellers.

There are several general rules to consider: First, sellers must provide an Energy Performance Certificate for the property. Secondly, if a seller uses a real estate agent, prospective buyers must place any offers through the agent. Once the offer has been accepted by the buyer, the editor of the legal contract, to transfer ownership, can make an offer that is not legally binding until the contracts are exchanged. Having said that, let’s see in particular how to buy a house in England.

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How to open a bank account in England without residency

Open a bank account in England online without residency. What it is needed and how to open one for personal use or for your LTD.

Opening a bank account in England online without residency is possible. The same applies if, as director of a LTD company, you are resident in Abroad and you want to open a current account in the name of your LTD. I have basically just answered the questions you were probably looking for an answer to.  

In this article, I will show you how to open a current account in England for non-residents and all the documents that banks require.

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Universal Credit, what is it? London & UK Economy

Universal Credit UK: what is it and how does it work? Universal Credit, United Kingdom Universal Credit , is a subsidy that is paid to all people who regularly live in the UK and who meet certain requirements.

 The Universal Income in the UK is paid to those who regularly live in this country but have problems making ends meet. Therefore it can be paid to those who work but earn too little, to anyone with dependent children, to those who have difficulty working or paying the expenses related to their home.

In this article I want to explain how it works, how to apply and the requirements for those who can, and cannot, apply for Universal Credit.

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UK TAX, how does it work? London & UK Economy

In the UK the main taxes are: Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax etc. For the employee, the ones that interest the most are the Income Tax .

INCOME TAX / Your employer is responsible for deducting contributions from your salary. This system is called PAYE (pay as you earn). The deductions from the paycheck are the Income Tax, taxes paid to the government for health, transport, education, etc.

Each individual is assigned a Tax Code , an identification code of the income bracket above which the Income Tax begins to be paid. There are different tax codes, so it is advisable to consult the link for more information

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