Angel in London | Come with me | 2019


Angel in London is a pretty area that you must visit if you come to London. My video will show you the area, a short walk through Camden Passage and the main road, but first of all some interesting information regarding this north London borough.

The area is called Angel due to the Angel Inn, which was just at the corner of Islington High Street and Pentonville Road. Since 1965 this is actually part of Islington Borough.

The area was run down and very unpopular in the 70s-90s, but everything changed over the past 20 years.It has become a very trendy area to live in and of course renting in Angel is not cheap. A 2-bedroom flat, the cheapest one, can be £1600, and whoever bought a flat in this area many years ago, can consider themselves very lucky since the property now it is worth a lot of money, although it has been bought for very little in the 60s.

It is not super touristic but can be pretty hectic. Although it is very nice to visit because it offers a vibrant cultural scene. Lots of hidden shops and cafes, and lovely pubs.

Hidden Little Corner

Camden Passage is an antiques and second-hand clothes market. Independent Cafes and Flower Shops. A delightful little walk along this narrow-hidden road will make you forget that you are actually in London: it is stress-free zone!

In the Angel Centre we can see the Wings. A pretty big metal structure representing (of course!) a set of wings. But many don’t pay much attention because just before you are about to enter Angel Centre, there is the Halo too. Look more carefully next time!

The main road (Upper Street) is populated with chain restaurants and pizza places. From Mexican cusine to Indian take away. I personally don’t like it that much, and always try to find a nice spot in Camden Passage, but of course a walk along the main road it is worth it, especially if you are looking for a nice place for a quick dinner before Movie Time. There is, in fact, a VUE Cinema right in the Angel Centre. My Favourite Cafe in ANgel is The Coffee Works Project – a lovely place with an adorable garden in the backyard, ideal if you want to work with your laptop and have a good slice of banana bread!

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6 thoughts on “Angel in London | Come with me | 2019”

  1. A really nice area I didn’t know about! Next time I’ll come visit, what d’you think? But the cost is not per week, right?!?

  2. I think it’s the neighborhood where I would be better! I like the characteristic places of cities like this one, especially without stress!

  3. My sister used to work in that area so I was lucky enough to spend at least a half day there. Is not so turisty but like you say, is very hectic and there is something about its atmosphere that makes it unique. If I go back I surely want to spend more time there!

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