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I’ve worked in the aviation industry, and believe me I’ve lost count of how many time I’ve told people what they should never ever pack into their checked bags. Sometimes it’s a matter of “common sense”, sometimes is The Law, but still many mistakes keep on being made and passengers get really mad when things happen.

So these are 5 important things you should not pack in your checked bag, plus some extra tips!

1-Jewelry and Valuables

Of course, it’s not probable that your checked bag will be lost by an airline but yes, there is the possibility that this happens, so it is strongly advised not to pack valuables in your checked bag.

It’s unlikely that you’ll receive compensation equal to the full value of your lost possessions and on top of this, many items carry a personal value, memories that nobody could bring you back.

I personally sont even see why you should bring jeweleries on holiday with you, but if you wish to do so please place them in your carry-on bag.

2-Touchpads, cameras etc

Electronics should be packed in carry-on luggage because they are typically fragile, expensive, and can be easily dammeged if placed in the checked baggage. Have you ever seen how they handle your lagguage while trying to board it in the hold?! And dont forget that things get stolen as well from check bags, so bring your laptop, camera and other electronic devices with you in your carry on bag.


This is super important. I’ve seen so many passengers arriving at destination and claming that that left their “lifesaver” meds in the lost lagguage!

Prescription drugs are best kept on your person.

Passengers are permitted to bring liquid medications onto planes, even if they exceed the 100ml limit for carry-on liquids, and you’ll need to spontaniously declare your oversized liquid medications when going through the checkpoint.

Doctor’s note is not required but it may comes handy.

4-Food and Drink

Passengers should avoid putting food and beverages in checked bags. It is not prohibited but it is stringly adviced not to.

Bottled drinks may explode or break in transit.

If you’re traveling internationally, check before packing if the Country you are travelling to allows you to actually bring food in, you may be prohibited from bringing it. Each country has its own rules about what kinds of foods can be brought across borders.

5-Important travel/ work documents.

Pretty much for the same reason why you should not pack lifesaver medications. If you have an important work meeting on the day you arrive, don’t pack the documents you are going to need during the meeting, what about if your bag gets lost? And as for travel documents, you should have your hotel reservations, infos, airplane tickets etc – with you at all times, especially because officers at passport control might ask you for these documents.


  1. Place your liquids such as shampoo etc into a plastic bags “just in case”.
  2. Do not place high heel shoes (especially stilettos!) near the bag border, the heel might get damaged if at close contact with the bag border because bags get thrown often with not so much care.
  3. Keep the charger for your electronics devices with you in your carry-on bag, some times at Passport control you might be asked to prove that the device actually works, dont let its battery die.

Hope this guide line comes handy to you and….have a good flight! 🙂