Yes, yes and yes! Here we are, the travel hacks you are going to need and I’m sure you have never ever thought about at least a couple of them!
I’ve been working in the travel industry for a few years and used them all a few times, so yeah…they works and they are super useful!
Are you ready! Here we go.

Travel hack NUMBER 1!

Screenshot your travel info/e-boarding pass. Yes you do have the info on your mobile phone, maybe via email on in the airline app, but every time you try to access them, you have to open the app and go to “boarding pass” or maybe again to flight info, and as for email you might also need an internet connection to access the info and the internet connection may not be working in that exact time. Screenshoot the boarding pass and the hotel info. So you can easuly access them in your photo-gallery, directly and without an internet connection.

Travel hack NUMBER 2 !

Tired of wainting ages for your inflight meal? Order a special meal, for instance a vegetararion meal, yes you need to give up meat for a day, but usually special meals are served up to 30 mins in advance.

Travel hack NUMBER 3!

A black bag is elegant and plain. Yes, far too much plain. If it gets lost it will take ages for the airport agents to spot it among hundreds of black bags. You can also tie a red string to the top handle, it is not enough but it may help recognize the black bag from all the other black bags!

Travel hack NUMBER 4!

We know that we can not take a bottle of water through secirity and that very often a bottle of water in the boarding area can be a little expensive. Take an empty bottle of water in your bag and see if there is a drinking water fountain in the waiting area, many airports have them. Fill the bottle up and you are done.

Travel hack NUMBER 5!

I have tried this hack a few times and it did work almost every time. When booking your hotel online, check the “notes” section, where you can type in extra infos to be sent to the hotel, directly. Write down “honeymooners”. Sometimes, if the hotel has availability, they give you a free upgrade ! This info usually comes up on their screen during check-in, so be prepared to be asked something like “oh, congratulations! When did you get married?”, so plan a good answer with your partner and give the same reply! 😀


Nobody really knows if this is true or not, but many swears that they have seen flight fares increasing after having gone back to the website even if it was just 10 minutes later.

Try and use “incognito browser” to do your serach, this option will not use “cookies”, which should and I repeat should, be responsable for showing increased fares.

So, which one is the best hack?

I love the honeymooners one, it is always so nice when it works, I once obtained a high floor room overlooking the Empire State Building just by using this simple “trick” 🙂

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