I knew I was going to write a post like this sooner or later. I’m a great believer in moving abroad, even if it is just for a year of two, or for the rest of your life, like in my case.

This list is long but believe me you will not regret having reached the end of the post…

So let’s start.

15 reasons why everyone should live abroad at least once.


Learn a new language is definitely one of the most important point in this list. It will give you the chance to learn more in general and will give a new skill. Even if the language is the same, and you are not actually learning a new one, you’ll soon find out how two Countries with the same language can have a very different culture.


Discovering new food is a fantastic way of getting to know the place. Very often you will learn that the delicious dishes you love that much are not just the ones you are used to in your Country, but many more can be found all over the world.


It will take you a little time for some things… and it will be clear to you straight away for others…But in a way or the other you’ll eventually notice all the differences from your Country and the one you have moved to. What you used to consider “routine” and “normal” may not be that normal anymore, this will enrich you as a person and will expand your knowledge. The word “normal” will be used more rarely from now on, because you’ll soon understand that things are more “typical” instead of normal, you will see how much you can learn from people that might be very different from you. To adapt to new situations is another skill that I personally find so important in life. There is no school that can teach you this.


You will be faced with challenges such as finding a new home to live in, setting up bills etc. And even though all these things, at the end of the day, are nothing major, you’ll feel like you wanna cry all day. It is normal, nothing to worry about. You’ll keep going and soon find out that just by doing those daunting  things you have become a stronger person.

You were used to be protected by friends and family, but you’ll find yourself on your own, that’s totally ok, millions have done it before. You’ll be surprised of how much  more confident you’ll soon become, and so many things in life will be easier to you compared to those who have never had to experienced you did.

You’ll need to be organized and that’s why you’ll become very good organizer and a great planner. Life abroad will give you challenges and by facing them you’ll become stronger and ready to face anything else, really.


You’ll have to deal with different people from different Countries, and will need to communicate with them, plan things with them, and by doing these things with people with a very different background and culture, you will definitely improve your communican skills, leadership skills, and you will become more productive.


  • 6-The satisfaction of going to sleep in your new place for the first night, the place you managed to find and rent.
  • 7-Learning once again how to do daily little things such as going to the supermarket (nope, mommy will not go food shopping for you any longer), ordering dinner in, learning how to use the local transportation system, etc etc- all of this will make you feel so good about yourself.
  • 8-You’ll learn the difference between alone and lonely. To be alone is something that not everybody can do, and it is a very valuable skill in life.
  • 9-Think about all the things you’ll see and do, and all the nice stories you can tell to every body, one day.
  • 10-You’ll learn how to react faster to daily challenges.
  • 11-One day you’ll look back and see how good you have been to do all those things without being helped by friends and family. Achieving things on your own will make you feel so pround of yourself, and yes, you can definitely feel like a better person, a more “complete” person.
  • 12-Living abroad will make you think twice to what your priorities and goals used to be. Being away from your “routine”, surrounded by the same places and same people every single day, will get a different picture of what your life can be, and it often can be a lot better and different from what you’ve always thought about.
  • 13-You’ will definitely grow fatser than your friends back home, due to all the things listed above, and this can mean just one thing: you’ll become more independent and open-minded.
  • 14- Living in another country will kick you out your comfort zone and rapidly teach you a lot more about who YOU are. Think about this.


Of course it is not all about challenges. Think about all the fun you are going to have, life abroad is exciting. Meeting new people, going out to new pubs and restaurants, going to explore new places. Moving abroad will allow you to grow and learn a few things about the rest of the world.


Don’t you think that this last point alone is a very important one to make the move?!


  1. Ho letto il tuo post: ho tanta nostalgia di quando vivevo all’estero tra Irlanda e Germania. Ultima esperienza: un anno di erasmus a Friburgo in Germania. Anche se è stato difficile, ho dei bellissimi ricordi e aiuta a crescere e ad essere una persona migliore. Apre la mente. E confermo tutto quello che hai scritto e non sai quanto mi manca vivere all’estero!

    1. ciao, si troppa gente pensa anche sia facile prendere ed andare, invece ti devi fare “il mazzo” triplo e pochi capiscono ! 🙂

    2. ciao. scusa x la risposta con mesi di ritardo. ho letto solo adesso. grazie x il bellissimo commento. Si, ti apre molto la mente e credo sia una cosa bellissima aver provato tante cose diverse ed essere piu aperti 🙂

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