10 Things to do when you get bored at work

Let’s face it, sometimes we get bored in the office. Yes, it’s true, you often don’t have enough time. But sometimes it happens that you do actually have time to spare, what do you do with it?!

I have some suggestions, things you might have definitely already thought about. But let’s do this: you print that list out and you keep it there, next to you on your desk, this way, next time you have time to spare, you will check the list and see what you can do…Instead of getting up and going to see if there is any cookie left in the office kitchen.


  • 1. Clean up the SPAM folder

Seriously, when was the last time you did that?

  • 2. Unsubscribe from 10 newsletters.

You just keep deleting them. And they come back. Well it is time to unsubscribe. But please, not mine! Remember that with my Newsletter I regularly (monthly) send you super London related news!

  • 3. Sign up for a new newsletter that really interests you.

Instead of receiving newsletters you don’t care about, sign up for a newsletter related to your job industry. There’s plenty in LinkedIn, for every sector. They will motivate you and inform you on the latest news in your field.

  • 4. Contact someone for coffee.

I find it horrible to ask someone to meet us for coffee… just when I need something. So if you have time, do it spontaneously: ask someone if they have time for a coffee, without having to ask for anything. I mean, create a network…

  • 5. Update your email signature.

No, really, when was the last time you looked at her? Is it still valid? Could it be more pleasant? It’s time to edit it.

  • 6. Create a “must-read” folder in your inbox.

Do you know those newsletters in your inbox that you want to read, (the ones you didn’t unsubscribe from) but are too long to read right now? Set a folder now and put them all in there. Next time you get bored at work, you can read them.

  • 7. Make a “To do Soon” folder in your inbox.

Not only in an email folder but also a folder on your browser. All those things, such as short courses, that interest you and that you would like to do one day. And when you have time you can read the details better and sign up. It’s a great way to have everything at your fingertips and don’t forget where you read about that specific course or webinar!

I tend to read online, or sometimes, I confess, to watch youTube videos. But I realize that it would be better to devote ourselves to more productive things. I’ve been telling you 7 you can do when you get bored at work, and that seems like a good place to start.

woman sitting beside table using laptop

I also find that if we can overcome the boredom of those first 10 minutes in which we would just want to procrastinate, we can instead be active and feel super satisfied and motivated at the end of the day.

The fact that we are aware that we have not wasted that free time that we had at work, makes it clear that often it really takes an “initial kick” to be super active.

But if these 7 points are not enough, I would add another:

8. Clean the desk drawer. Yes, come on. I mean, we know it is not that “minimalist”, I got it right, didn’t I? No problem. It’s normal. We throw everything in there. Well, now you have time to fix this too. You have time, you’re at work, so you can devote yourself to that.

And why not, I almost add one more:

9.Throw away the pens that don’t work. We are really very used to writing on tablets, laptops, smartphones, and pens are used much less. I wonder how many you have in the pen holder that no longer works and the ink is actually leaking. Yes, it’s time to clean up!

Could I ever leave you with 9 tips? №.

So here comes my tip number 10.

10. Clean up on your computer’s desktop.

Did you think I forgot about that? It’s like…I can see it, you know?
I know you have 1267 useless, chance-created, temporary folders that’s been there for eight months. You have those image files that you saved because “I will just save in on the desktop for now”, and that too happened 6 months ago.

Seasonal cleaning, again, is needed.

Remember, working on fixing the little things creates great satisfaction. Start with one and you’ll see!