10 Eco-Friendly facts about London !

Cose Eco-Friendly di Londra che forse non sai!in italiano

So, I live in London and since it is a major city, we do try our best to be eco-friendly. Do we really? Are you a traveller, actually, an eco-friendly traveller?! Well read on because I am about to give you a list on how Eco-Friendly London is, what you can do too and, you are not going to believe this, how you can we a Eco-Friendly Blogger with a Eco-Friendly Blog. Does it sound to you like a bit too much?! Nope, wrong. You will see, read on 😉


London is the 5th most sustainable city in the world.

1.Londoners in general are eco-aware people, or this is what we want other people think. Let’s be honest, we can’t be 100% eco-friendly and you can’t too, especially if you’re traveling to London by plane. So, this is the straightforward fact number 1, let’s try our best but let’s be honest too!

2.Having said that, there are, however, things we can do in London too. Little things such as buy seasonal fruit and vegetables or local cheeses from markets instead of buying products from huge chain supermarkets which will import food from all over the place. Another thing that you can do, as a Londoner, is to use public transportation to get around town. London Transportation system is very easy to use!

3.Congestion Charge Zone was introduced to discourage cars to travel into central London, so this was a major improvement, even though of course some might now like it, as it costs a bit of money to pay for CC.

4.One very silly thing to do it to get a free Newspaper at the entrance of a Tube station, quickly reading it while on your tube ride, and then just leave it on a seat. Most stations have paper recycling points near the exit: take it with you and recycle.


  1. And what’s greener that a bike ride?! It’s a big thing now in London, first being introduced by Boris Johnson when he was London Mayor, hire bikes pick up points are scattered around town, perfect for short journeys. Don’t forget though, that you need a helmet. You can rent it if you don’t own one.

6.It’s about building too! The Allen & Overy building, designed by Foster + Partners, has the world’s largest solar array (600 square metres of cells) and an imptressive green roof. This building is in Spitalfields, where you can also find Jeanette Winterson’s deli, filled with goods from independent producers.


And before telling you more Eco-Friendly facts about london, let me tell you How You can be a travel blogger with a Eco-Friendly Blog! Well, it is not for Travel Bloggers only, but for anyone that is trying to be as much eco-friendly as possible. Are you wondering how come that a Blog can be eco-friendly?! Here’s why.

EasyTravelHosting it’s a really sustainable hosting with 100% renewable energy.

100% GREEN

As ephemeral as it may seem, it’s easy to forget how the Internet is being fed. The equipment used to maintain websites makes the Internet a dirty, polluting and asphyxiating monster. With Easy Travel Hosting you can be sure that your part of the network will be powered 100% by clean and renewable energy.

In the UK, our data centre operates 100% with renewable energy as specified by E.ON (our supplier) and regulated by Ofgem.

We also use 100% renewable energy in our U.S. operations, as certified by Green-e, North America’s leading voluntary renewable energy certification program. We have also been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner. Our renewable energy comes from Native Energy, one of the few truly high-integrity companies in the industry. Their projects go beyond just generating renewable energy, but they also offer social benefits to the communities in which such projects are located, including schools, family-owned farms, and Native American tribes.

We are also members of the Green Web Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a completely green Internet. You can check if your site is running on green servers with KualoLtdergy on their website.” (from their website)



  1. Food-wise and still in Spittafileds, “A Gold” del sells food from England only, and Montezuma chocolate is top quality and ethical too. They sourced their own chocolate and pay better prices for it. They have an award-winning factory in Chichester, where the cocoa beans are transformed into amazing chocolate, and guess what, the factory has energy-saving lighting.

8.Located in Royal Victoria Docks, the Good Hotel is definitely an eco-friendly Hotel. Everything they use comes from local small businesses, from kitchen ingredients to building materials and the staff too! Yes, they employ local staff only. Discrimination? Not really come on, it is for a good cause!

(15 Things about living in London that you might not know !)

9.Travel blogger in need of a desk? No problem. ComBuyGiveWork offers something unique: by renting one of their affordable desks or private offices, you join a bunch of people that have one goal only: making great things for the local community.  For very workspace purchased they will give, in return, a space is provided free of charge to a non-profit or a new local start-up.

  1. Little steps are important. So always bring your own water bottle while in London, the majority of Cafes will refill it with water for you, for free. By using your own coffee cup, of course, you will not get free coffee (you wish!) but many Cafes will give you a discount.

And how about you, how do you make your own city more eco-friendly?