Food Shopping in London

Let me tell you what I think about shopping in a supermarket in London.
I have travelled a lot and lived in 9 countries. Believe me, you are not always in places where there is a wide choice of things to buy.

Try living in Malindi and then we’ll talk about it!
In short, I’m used to having to settle and adapt.
This means that I also have a very broad and general vision of what there can be in the world in terms of food. Living in London for me means being super lucky because I have an infinite choice of food to choose from. From every culture, from every country and infinite choices for just about anything, really!

It's expensive, isn't it?

Absolutely not. And the reason why it is not expensive to shop in a supermarket in London is that you have so much choice, it’s up to you to decide how much to spend.
If you want to shop at Whole Foods every week, you already know that you will spend more than the average, it is up to you to decide where to go and what to buy.
Tesco and Sainsburys, as well as Asda and Morrison, are supermarkets that are absolutely super stocked with everything and with normal prices. Then of course we have LIDL and ALDI, and why not mention one of my favourites: ICELAND. Where to find all the frozen foods you need. Great prices and good quality!

Then there are obviously the various markets, to buy fresh vegetables if you want. Of course, you can also find fresh vegetables in the supermarket, but going to the neighborhood markets is always a good habit and experience. So, why not!
I also think it is nice, when possible, to support small businesses, so green light for shopping from the local butcher and greengrocer!

Inoltre credo sia bello,q uando possibile, sostenere i piccoli businesses, quindi via libera alla spesa dal locale macellario e fruttivendolo!