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Papas Arrugadas & Mojo – Tipiche di Gran Canaria!in italiano

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, anyway, I have lived in Gran Canaria per almost 3 years. I love that island, I know it very well and to me it is like home. Love the weather, love the food. It is such an amazing place to live in, you can do just about anything you like, life quality is very good and the island has so much to offer.

If you go, you’ll find Papas Arrugadas to be served in almost every single restaurant. It’s the local dish, simple to make and so tasty.

Want to try and make me with me?

Papas Arrugadas litelly means “wrinkled potatoes”, and they are served with a spicy red sauce called “Mojo”.


  • 1 Kg. of small potatoes
  • 800g of salt


  • 1 garlic, whole, minced
  • 2 hot peppers
  • 1 tsof cumin grains
  • 1 tsof paprika
  • 4 tbs of vinegar
  • 100ml of olive oil
  • 1 ts of salt


  • Wash the potatoes but do not peal them. Just make sure they are clean from any trace of soil.
  • Place them in a saucepan, a big one, along with the salt and add some water.
  • Cover the potatoes with water, do not pour too much water.
  • Cook them until they are tender.
  • Take out the water and place the saucepan back on to the heat, stir gently untill they get dry and have that “salty film” on their jacket.
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and let it rest about 20-25 minutes, cover the pan with a kitchen towel.
  • During these 25 minutes they will get wrinkled.


  1. If you have a mortar use it to grind all the ingredients, but the olive oil, togheter. If you do not have the mortar use your food processor.
  2. You need to get a soft paste.
  3. Add the olive oil and the vinegar when you have finished.


Serve the papas with the mojo on top. Serve them warm.

I wanted to give you a little taste of this magical island.