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I MIEI 5 posti PREFERITI dove MANGIARE a LONDRA”  in italiano

Of course I dont have just 5 favorite places to eat in London, but let’s say these are the ones that came into my mind straight away.

That must mean something, innit?!

Since as I have just said these are definitely not the only 5 I like, this is just “part #01”, I might write another post in the future on extra 5 places where you can get good food in London, according to my of course J

So let’s start.


It’s a Mexican food restaurant, a chain to be precise, with a few restaurant scattered all over London.

Maybe because I’m lazy I have no idea why, but I’ve always been to their restaurant in Soho, never to one of the other ones.

There’s a cocktail bar well so you can get a drink before seating at your table for dinner. Food quality is very good and prices are average. Remember we are in London so you can not expect to spend very little and have fab service and high quality food, at least not in a restaurant.

My fave dish here is Pulled pork! So tender and tasty, really.


What can I say about this super cool place! Everybody knows Nando’s, the “infamous portugase” restaurant ! Chicken is the guest star here, served in all sauces. Literally. If you say “Peri Peri” you say Nando’s. Nando’s is famous for it’s signature dish Peri Peri chicken. You can also choose how spicy you want your chicken to be. (go for mild, it is rather spicy anyway!)


Yes, it’s the best place to get a very good Full English Breakfast. At least it is what I like in here, anyway. No wonder they often have a long line outside, especially in the restaurant in Soho. No reservations taken and it is rather small as well, but you’ll be rewarded with a  delicious, english-style breakfast as well as are many options for vegetarians.


I could live in here, actually I could eat here every day and feel healthy. Of course you can find things such as Swedish Meat Balls Wrap, which is definitely not that much healthy, but PRET A MANGER mainly prepares and sells freshly made sandwiches and salad. Very good quality and average prices. I also love their yogurt, honey and granola pot, a sweet treat after an healthy salad without feeling too guilty. There are “million” Pret stores in London, not kidding. You can find a PRET store just about anywhere!


First thing that comes into my mind thinking about WASABI is their delicious Bento. Different combo’s in a very huge pot, I hardly manage to finish it every time, but it is so bloody good that I can’t just leave it. Their selection of rolls is very nice as well. Get a paper tray, choose which ones you like, go to the till and pay. It’s “mix and match” sort of thing. Prices are okey, I can not say it is cheap but yet again we are in London and quality is very nice. Many stores all over London, thing is not all of them have seating area.

TOP TIP: I love taking my Bento with rice and spiced chicken from the shop in Oxford Street, I then walk literally 3 mins just around the corner and seat on a bench in Soho Square Garden. So peaceful!


Any suggestion?!