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Ti porto da MUJI, vieni?!” in italiano

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite shops, MUJI. It is very different from many other shops, and I’m just in love with it. Discovered MUJI many years ago, can’t even recall where exactly, but since then it has been in my top 5 list.

MUJI produces and sells “minimalistic” looking items. If you are a Muji fun, you’ll be able to recognize its stuff anywhere. They do not use colourful, flashy designs and patterns for their packaking or fabrics, not even for their stationary items. Everything is in some “neutral” colours, such as beige, white, black, grey, silver or see-through (for boxes for instance).

This helps them to be able to sell high quality stuff at affordable prices. Packaging is kept to minimal design, items are often practical, functional and come in the above mentioned colours. Muji has a “no wastage” philosophy and this is very clear as soon as you step into a Muji store.

One of the top items that Muji sells are the gel-pens. Smooth line, tip comes in different sizes, my fave is a 0.5 black Muji gel-pen. It is rather cheap but you can also buy a 5 pen-pack and save some money too. They come in all sorts of colours, erasable pens are available too.

Muji Notebooks are definitely a must-have. Big, small, thin, thick, blank or with lines, there is a Muji notebook for everyone. From the big one in a A4 format, to the small one that resembles a passport. No bright design on their covers, they all come in a cardstock colour, grey, black or white.

Stationary area is to die for. I can spend 2 hours in here. All items are so pretty although they too keep a minimalist look, very plain. Aviaton approved scissor, staplers, pins in any size, tape holders, and so much more!

Beauty department looks like a SPA. Kind of. Everything, again, is white, metal or see through. No big or flashy design on any bottle. Toner is very good and they also have 20 piece-make up sponges pack, and large packs of very good unbleached cotton pads. Here you can also find items for your bathroom, towels, toothbrushes etc –  And, of course, many travel gadgets such as empty bottles that come in every size and shape, beauty-product bags, very nice and practical, got mine 6/7 years ago and it is still in very good conditions, it has lots of small pockets for my travel needs.

Let’s talk about MUJI STORAGE DEPARTMENT! Japanese are famous for being very good at organizing their (often) small houses, they can fit everything in small areas, they just will not cram everything, they will organize every single object perfectly. Well, that’s why Muji containers are so famous! Many shapes and sizes, same old colours and they will go very well with every design you have in your home, they will just blend with any kind of existing home design.

Clothing area is also very nice, again no fancy patterns. Comfy shoes, jumpers, tshirts, slippers, etc. They also have “compressed” travel t-shirts that will take very little space in your bag.

Kitchen items are very plain and functional. Japanese food bowls, dishes, table mats, cutlery, lots of food containers, mugs, glasses etc

Have you ever been to a MUJI store?

What’s your favourite item?