LONDON – Don’t go there!

LONDRA – Non andarci!”  in italiano

These are just some personal advices, you might not agree with me, but please go ahead and read this post on some places I don’t advice you to visit in London!

Madame Tussauds

First thing first I actually find it kinda creepy to go to a museums that has lifelike looking statues of famous people, then the entry ticket is definitely too expensive for what is on offer, and I personally find it a bit boring too.

The Shard

New building in town and of course everybody wants to go there,e specially because is the tallest skyscraper in eastern Europe. Breathtaking view that’s for sure, but the entry tickets costs 25£ and the only thing you can get with it is…the view. Ok, ok so yeah the view as I said before is absolutely amazing but I don’t think that I’d be willing to pay 25£ (each person!) to just view London from above.

What about if you book the ticket in advance and get a cloudy sky? 25£ each just flushed down the toilet.

The Change of the Guards

I’m not about to tell you not to go there but I’d love you to consider the fact that is a very crowed event, with lots and lots of people just crammed in a small area and it also might take it a lot of time to actually get out of that crowd.

Sightseeng Busses

Please forgive me but I consider them some kind of tourist trap. Ok maybe they are usefull somehow, but I prefer to advice you in walking as much as you can to be able to discover even the hidden places in London, the ones where these busses will never ever take you to.

I’m about to tell you a secret!

Take a London Map and search for Bus number 15 route. It will take you from Tower Bridge to Trafalgar Square, passing by St Paul Caphidral, the High Court of Justice and the City. All of this for the price of a London Bus ride. 1,50£, a fare that you can of course pay with your Osyer Card, which I have explained to you in this post.

Il London Eye

I actually went up there, it was just a month after its opening and I was curioous, on top of this please remember that at that time the Sky Garden and The Shere were still just a dream. The London Eye was a big event. I was so-ooo disappointed. It doesn’t go up that much, and the view you get is definitely nothing special, also because that particolar spot where the “weel” is located, doesn’t allow you to have an amazing view of London, it just overlooks the Parliament and you can see a few more places but nothing that will take your breath away.

Oxford Street

Of course you have to stroll along Oxford Street, but please once is enough. Always so very crowed and has nothing that can be defined as “characteristic”. Just don’t spend all your time visiting all the shops in Oxford Street over and over again. There are thousands of amazing things to do!

London is a multicultural city that really doesn’t represent the UK very much, London is not the UK and I strongly believe that Oxford Street is actually the worst you can find.

Is there a particular place that you discourage people to visit? And why?

I’d love to read your suggestion!

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