How & Why apply for a UK Driver’s Licence


If your European driver License is about to expire and you live in the UK, you have to convert it into a British License, but not only just that! If you decide to live here in the UK you have to do it sooner or later, because if your European driver’s license expires, you can’t renew it in your Country, you have to convert it to the British one here in the UK.

Also, remember that here in the UK your driver’s license is a useful identification document, so you can also apply for it and carry it around and use it for that purpose. The British driver’s license states your address in London on it, so it’s very useful as proof of address too!!  Also remember that if you decide to buy a car, with the British driver’s license you save a lot of money on insurance.

It’s very simple, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t do it. If you’re wondering how it works after Brexit: Brexit hasn’t come into force yet, but anyway, your BRITISH driver’s license won’t be valid in Europe only in case of NO DEAL BREXIT. The No Deal Brexit will NOT happen, it has already been confirmed, so in a nutshell: follow the rules, convert your EUROPEAN driver’s license into a BRITISH License and you can use it to drive in EUROPE too.

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How do I do that?

  • Go to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)  website  and order the D1 Pack, it’s free and if you want you can also pick it up at the Post Office.
  • Fill out the form very carefully, also attaching your photo ID, a clear and recent one.
  • Send the form off along with your European driver’s license and ID.
  • Then pay with a Postal Order and attach the receipt to the form with the documents mentioned above. Or you can send a check. The cost is £43 plus the cost for the Postal Order Service.

No, don’t be afraid to send your document off with the form. Here postal service works well and your document wont go missing.

Waiting times for all this? No more than 3 weeks, usually 10 days.

Above info is corrent at time of publishing.


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