English Muffins! Homemade

English Muffins! Facili da fare e sofficissimi! in italiano

I must admit I love bread and butter but I love melted butter on English Muffins even more.

I’ve always bought them at the supermarket, but then when I was running my own Burger Cafe I decided to learn how to make them because in Italy they are not available. I had Egg Benedicts on the Menu and as you know the eggs lay on toasted english muffin.

Daunting, but in the end a very easy thing to do. Wanna try?!

This is the recipe we used in my Burger Cafe.


for 12 english muffins

  • 320 ml milk
  • 7 g of dried yeast
  • 25 g white sugar
  • 50 g butter
  • 460 g plain flour


  1. Warm up the milk in a pan or in the microwave till lukewarm. Not hot!
  2.  Add the sugar and the yeast, stir until dissolved. Wait a few minutes until the mixture starts to froth.
  3. Melt the butter in a bowl, add in the yeast mixture that you have just made, add in the flour too.
  4. Knead until you get a smooth dough. Place it in a greased bowl and cover it with clingfilm, leave it to raise (double its size) in a warm place. About 1h, but it all depends on the temperature of the room the bowl is in.
  5. When ready, take the dough, place it on a floured surface and roll it out til you get a two-cm thickness. Use a ring cutter or even a glass, must be about 5-7cm in width.
  6. Place each piece on a tin lined with parchment paper, but first sprinkle some flour or polenta flour on the paper, and then on each piece of english muffin.
  7. Cover with a tea towel, leave it to raise again for 50 minute-ish.
  8. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat.
  9. Place the muffins in the heated pan and leave them to brown on each side for at least 4-5 minutes, then turn again until they are ready.

I’ve tried to cook them in the oven, and it can be done but you must cook them a little in the pan first, let me tell you why: if you place the dough pieces straight on to a tray and directly in the oven, you will not get that typical flat shape they have, they will look more like a burger bun.

Place them in the heated pan, 2-3 minute each side, then finish cooking them off in the oven at 175° for 12 minutes-ish.


You can have them with melted butter, or with ham and fried egg, bacon and cheese…!

They are super yummy and versatile.

Please, pretty please let me know if you have ever made English Muffins and….

if you use my recipe please let me know!





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