Responsible for quality control, operations, and logistics in the Travel & Hospitality Industry for 18 years altogether. In several Countries. Global Mobility & Hospitality Consultant for Start-Ups: planning & recruiting. I have a passion for these industries, and I convey this passion in my Consulting Job as well as in my Blog , which is mainly about London, but also Lifestyle and Motivational content. Read more about me, if you want.

I’m the editor of LONDRA Magazine: a 60 page London themed quarterly Magazine, in Italian. Available in my SHOP. I also give my readers a Free Mini-London Guide with plenty of essential information!

I have written several books, one of which is based on true surreal stories in the Travel & Tourism Industry, and another one was N.1 on Amazon Italy for weeks. I also design travel planners, & journals.


Global Mobility.I have been advising people (especially from Italy) for years on how to move to the UK and also provide them with a professional CV review. I can inform on documents they might need, what to do and…what not to do. I also answer all questions UK/London-life related, to help anyone to settled into this Country, and feel at home. For more info, get in touch.

Italian & English online Conversations : learn new words, practice conversation, and feel more at ease when speaking these two languages with anyone else.

Translations: Social Media content, Blog articles, Communications. Italian>English>Italian

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Merchandising, Illustrations, Prints. All available through my Online Shop.