Do NOT do these things in LONDON !

“NON fare MAI queste cose a Londra!”  in italiano

Yes, there are a few things that you’d better NOT to do in London.  Londoners know these things very well, but if you are a new comer or just visiting… Please read them all very carefully!

Let’s Start!

  1. dont stand outside shops exits, tube exstist etc because people will bumpt into you and you will obstract the exit, it is not nice at all. If you are not sure which way to go after exiting a place, step aside and use that space to think about what you wanna do, but please do not just stand outside exists.

  1. get your money or card ready before reaching the till bacause it might get you a lot of time to search for your purse or coins at the very bottom of your bag, and this will annoy the cashier and the people standing in line behind you.


  1. get your oyster card ready before you reach the barrier bacause, well just read point number 2, same story 🙂
  2. dont shout while in the tube train o busses. It is considered unpolite, so please avoid loud chatting and loud phone conversations.
  3. dont walk along with your mate across the paviment, let people walk by, you are just visiting but a lot of people is busy going to work.
  4. dont stop chatting or texing or doing anything alse while in Oxford Street, please! It is rather annoying and if you really have to please move aside, not just stand there in the middle of the paviment.
  5. Stand on the right side while on an escalator. This is actually a rule in London, not a choice. You have to do it! It will allow people that are in a rush to actually run up and down the stairs, so please stand on the right and let people pass by if they need to.
  6. Do not jump the queue. People will get mad at you if you do it, it is a “cultural thing”, the queue is sacred in the UK. There is a queue for everything, please respect it by standing in the queue like everyone else.

  1. Don’t cross the street without looking both ways. In England the traffict goes to the opposite direction compared to the rest of the world, and it gets confusing sometimes, although the phrases “Look Left” and “Look Right” are painted on the pavement, I strongly suggest you to look both ways.
  2. Don’t take the Central Line during rush hours. It is fully packed and you’ll be stuck in there forever.



So, these things are not terribly impossible to avoid, are they?! If you di d find this list useful please leave a comment down below 🙂

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