10 Useless Websites you want to visit.

LEGGI IN ITALIANO: 10 Siti Web inutili ma che devi vedere.

Getting bored during lockdown? Maybe lockdown is over where you live, this doesn’t mean we are never again going to get more spare time where we can do…nothing. How about spending some time browsing through pretty useless websites? I know it sounds rather boring but believe me it is not? Many will actually come pretty handy (sort of) and in the end, it will be a fun and/or a relaxing way to spend some time.
So this is my list of 10 Useless but entertaining Websites!


I must admit I love this one. You can spend endless time searching and checking where all aircrafts are flying to at the current time. Isn’t is so entertaining?

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Flight Rader

How about London trains?

Well, this is pretty much the same thing but it is for London tube trains! I love the fact that train icons look like Pokemons! Check this out! You can switch from Geographic, Schematic and Skyfall

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Train Times

syb to my Youtube channel! :)

Music for you.

This is so much fun, and believe me….so spot on! Type in your fav band/singer and the site will give you a cloud-style representation of all the similar/linked artists you might like too! It is pretty much very similar to how social networks work, determinating our interests and, based on those, suggest other stuff that usually comes up in our social-media main page.

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Music Map

Password gateaway

Ok so you might not need this one right now, but if you travel a lot it might be pretty handy in the future. This website gives you the passwords for Private Lounges Wi-fi access in many airports!

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Password Gateway

Where do we go today?

Click on the link for this website and you will be shown a random place on using Google’s Street View. Its fun!

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My Crunch

Pointing at…?!!

This is so useless that you MUST try it! It took me a good 10 minutes to understand what the hell I was doing on this website and what it was all about, let’s see if you can figure it out quicker!

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Pointer Pointer

follow me on Instagram

Email adddress,for now.

So this is definitely cool! Don’t wanna give away your email address because you don’t wanna get any spam? But still, you wanna download something and need to provide a website with your email address, innit? Well, this website creates a temporary email address that you can use instead!

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10 Minute Mail

The Archive.

Yes, this is the internet archive! You can easily get lost in this one when you start searching, there is everything in here. “Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more”.

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Vintage Radio

Love vintage stuff? Well, this website is for you, you can listen to what was being broadcasted ages ago, in different decades. I find this quite fascinating, really!

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Forever, and ever.

Ok then….my last suggestion, funny enough, has no end! Yes, access this website and you will know what I mean by that! Honestly, you might end up spending the entire afternoon on this!

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Zoom Quilt

How about you, which one did you find utterly useless?!

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