8 Fab Museums for Kids in London

8 Stupendi Musei per bambini a Londra in italiano

Coming to London with kids can be super fun and stressful at the same time. Many museums in London have child-friendly interactive exhibits and activities, so don’t stress too much, this is how you can keep them entertained!

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Greggs. Legenday British Bakery

Greggs. Leggendaria Bakery Britishin italiano

We are all so used to use places like Pret or EAT when visting London, arent we ? I know they too serve amazing on-the-go food, but if you want to try a truly British experinec, Greggs is the way.

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London & Food: 10 books you Must have! 

Londra & Cibo : 10 Libri che Devi avere! in italiano

If you come to London and then say you eat badly, the problem is yours, let’s face it. Perhaps 25 years ago there was no culinary culture that we have now, it was a city made largely for commerce and tourism, which at the time was certainly not aimed at food. At the time, London was mainly focused on  features such as Piccadilly Circus and the Queen! The good, indeed yummy, typically British dishes had no reason to be offered to tourism. But things have changed. Not only now you can find places where you can enjoy some typical British dishes, done properly, but the city is full of places where you can eat really well, for all budgets and for all tastes.

Here’s a list of 10 books you ‘must’ because they give you a perfect general idea of how this city can give you so much in cafes and restaurants.

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British Pubs – Did You Know?

I Pub Britannici – Lo Sapevi?!in italiano

Pubs, Inn, Open Houses. What are they? You can’t possibly say “Britain” without adding soon after the word “pub”, can you? A Pub here in the UK is not just a place where you go for a beer, it is very often the focus of a whole community. If you have been to London, you have seen men in a suit standing outside a Pub after 4.30 pm having a drink. That’s what we do, very often, to let our hair down after work. If you venture out a little, outside the touristic areas, you will see local pubs with locals having a laugh while sipping a good beer. Continue reading British Pubs – Did You Know?

British Chips | Why are they so ugly?

Le Chips Inglesi, perchè son cosi’ brutte?  in italiano

Now, let’s be real, have you ever looked at British chips carefully? I mean the ones that usually come with Fish & Chips?! They are ugly, aren’t they? They often look mushy, wrinkly, not inviting at all. But then, you have the first one and totally forget about how they look. British Chips | Why are they so ugly? Continue reading British Chips | Why are they so ugly?

BUBBLE & SQUEAK | How the Brits use leftovers

BUBBLE & SQUEAK | Come gli Inglesi usano gli avanziin italiano

Bubble and squeak is a traditional British breakfast dish made from potatoes and cabbage, and you can add other ingredients too. It has been a popular dish since the late 1800s

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Do I have to Tip in London?!

Devo lasciare la Mancia a Londra?!in italiano

Tipping is not expected in the UK as you would do in the USA. Workers don’t have to live off their tips as in the UK they are paid at least the National minimum wage. Employers are not allowed to add tips to their wages to get to the total amount due to the employee, the total amount has to come from Employers money, not from tips. Continue reading Do I have to Tip in London?!

Best 10 Tea Shops in London


The majority of us think about Tea as soon as they hear “England“, innit? We all do, come on! It is a tradition, some sort of stereotype too. We can’t deny buying a good Tea while on holiday in London, is certainly very often in our To-Do List. So here we go…. for you: the top 10 Tea Shops in London!

These are the best shops you need to visit, also because their interiors are very often stunning themselves, tea or not tea! Well,  lets say they are my own favourite ones! Continue reading Best 10 Tea Shops in London

30 Things you need to know to use the Tube like a Londoner

30 Cose che devi sapere per usare la Metropolitana come un Londinese!in italiano

Whether we like it or not, in London, we all use the Tube. Whether we like it or not, there are things we’ve learned over time, there are things we know shouldn’t be done, and there are things that help us make our journey less stressful.

But if you’ve just arrived in London, maybe some of those things might be new to you. So, here’s a nice list of 30 things you need to know to use the Tube like a Londoner! Continue reading 30 Things you need to know to use the Tube like a Londoner

10 Eco-Friendly facts about London !

Cose Eco-Friendly di Londra che forse non sai!in italiano

So, I live in London and since it is a major city, we do try our best to be eco-friendly. Do we really? Are you a traveller, actually, an eco-friendly traveller?! Well read on because I am about to give you a list on how Eco-Friendly London is, what you can do too and, you are not going to believe this, how you can we a Eco-Friendly Blogger with a Eco-Friendly Blog. Does it sound to you like a bit too much?! Nope, wrong. You will see, read on 😉 Continue reading 10 Eco-Friendly facts about London !