3 Reasons why positivity can change your life

Nope. this is not about the Law of Attraction, although I truly believe in the LOA and you should too.

I know very well that being positive is a struggle. Sometimes we truly struggle to think positive when we see things going badly all around us. Believe me, I do know how that feels.

I don’t believe in giving up, I believe in trying everything we can to feel good and achieve our goals. Will these 3 reasons make you achieve your goals? I believe so, but they won’t they will change the way you see things, and this definitely can change your life.

01. Because it makes everything real.

Most of the times we truly desire something, specific. But we keep visualizing ourselves not getting it, instead of ourselves being successful in achieving our goal. Have you noticed how our mind plays this trick on us most of the times?

It does. And it’s not cool at all.

It is not cool at all because when we keep seeing negative outcomes, we don’t think straight, we don’t think strategically and, this way, we will unconsciously sabotage our success.

Sounds crazy but it true. Visualizing positive outcomes and us being successful will strengthen our ability to get a better idea, to be more motivated, to think clearly and…yes, you guessed it: all these things will help in getting right there where we want to be.


02. Because it will attract more people like us

I got rid of negative people ages ago ( and you should too!) – and that’s something that I did intentionally, but positive thinking and being positive about things in our life will attract people to have a similar attitude in life.

Negative people hate you to achieve your goals because they are so negative that can’t really achieve much often. So in a very non planned way, you will get rid of those negative people, they will find you annoying, which is rather funny really, but it is true. have you ever noticed it that when you are so chuffed about something, and talk to someone that is usually quite negative on things…they seem not to be interested at all?

Of course, because they have that negative attitude that will prevent them from achieving what they want. So they cant stand you and will, eventually, stop hanging around.

And you win.

03. Because it is cool.

Yes, it is cool to think positive and it is cool to spread positive vibes. Let’s be real, what’s the harm in it?

Dont think about what people might say about your super happy and positive attitude towards life, even though they might think you sound a bit crazy…who cares and, there is no harm in that. You being positive won’t harm them, nor the people you love.

So just do it.

Try and switch to positive mode. Every day, try and insert into your routine more positive thoughts, decrease the negative ones and increase the positive ones. Till you reach that point where you are more naturally inclined to think positive.

Try, you have nothing to lose.




10 Things to do when you get bored at work

Let’s face it, sometimes we get bored in the office. Yes, it’s true, you often don’t have enough time. But sometimes it happens that you do actually have time to spare, what do you do with it?!

I have some
suggestions, things you might have definitely already thought about. But let’s
do this: you print that list out and you keep it there, next to you on your
desk, this way, next time you have time to spare, you will check the list and
see what you can do…Instead of getting up and going to see if there is any
cookie left in the office kitchen.


  • 1. Clean up the SPAM folder

Seriously, when was the last time you did that?

  • 2. Unsubscribe from 10 newsletters.

You just keep deleting them. And they come back.
Well it is time to unsubscribe. But please, not mine! Remember that with my
Newsletter I regularly (monthly) send you super London related news!

  • 3. Sign up for a new newsletter that really interests you.

Instead of receiving newsletters you don’t care
about, sign up for a newsletter related to your job industry. There’s plenty in
LinkedIn, for every sector. They will motivate you and inform you on the latest
news in your field.

  • 4. Contact someone for coffee.

I find it horrible to ask someone to meet us for
coffee… just when I need something. So if you have time, do it spontaneously:
ask someone if they have time for a coffee, without having to ask for anything.
I mean, create a network…

  • 5. Update your email signature.

No, really, when was the last time you looked at
her? Is it still valid? Could it be more pleasant? It’s time to edit it.

  • 6. Create a “must-read” folder in your inbox.

Do you know those newsletters in your inbox that
you want to read, (the ones you didn’t unsubscribe from) but are too long to
read right now? Set a folder now and put them all in there. Next time you get
bored at work, you can read them.

  • 7. Make a “To do Soon” folder in your inbox.

Not only in an email folder but also a folder on
your browser. All those things, such as short courses, that interest you and
that you would like to do one day. And when you have time you can read the
details better and sign up. It’s a great way to have everything at your
fingertips and don’t forget where you read about that specific course or webinar!

I tend to read online, or sometimes, I confess, to
watch youTube videos. But I realize that it would be better to devote ourselves
to more productive things. I’ve been telling you 7 you can do when you get
bored at work, and that seems like a good place to start.

woman sitting beside table using laptop

I also find that if we can overcome the boredom of
those first 10 minutes in which we would just want to procrastinate, we can
instead be active and feel super satisfied and motivated at the end of the day.

The fact that we are aware that we have not wasted
that free time that we had at work, makes it clear that often it really takes
an “initial kick” to be super active.

But if these 7 points are not enough, I would add

8. Clean the desk drawer. Yes, come on. I mean, we know it is not that “minimalist”, I got it right, didn’t I? No problem. It’s normal. We throw everything in there. Well, now you have time to fix this too. You have time, you’re at work, so you can devote yourself to that.

And why not, I almost add one more:

9.Throw away the pens that don’t work. We are really very used to writing on tablets, laptops, smartphones, and pens are used much less. I wonder how many you have in the pen holder that no longer works and the ink is actually leaking. Yes, it’s time to clean up!

Could I ever leave you with 9 tips? №.

So here comes my tip number 10.

10. Clean up on your computer’s desktop.

Did you think I forgot about that? It’s like…I can
see it, you know?
I know you have 1267 useless, chance-created, temporary folders that’s been
there for eight months. You have those image files that you saved because
“I will just save in on the desktop for now”, and that too happened 6
months ago.

Seasonal cleaning, again, is needed.

Remember, working on fixing the little things
creates great satisfaction. Start with one and you’ll see!

Friendly London: Happy to talk Badge!

When I talk to people about London, I sometimes mention the fact that when you are travelling on the tube, you are not supposed to talk to anyone.
We just don’t do it. Why? Well, we just don’t’.

I am fine with it, I am not very chatty with strangers and I am utterly OK with this. But not everyone is, so this is where the Happy to Talk Badge comes in handy.

photo of three women lifting there hands \

You Can Now Wear A Badge That Let People Know You’re ‘Happy To Talk’ On Public Transport

So, as mentioned above, we like to keep our heads down and concentrate on things we can do with our phone, or maybe a book.

Happy to talk Badge, what it is? Something that can change the way we interact with people if we want to, Of course. But the fact that a high percentage of Londoners might not be interested in it, did not let its inventor, Chris Zair, change his mind.

He created the #happytotalk badge which you can pin up to your jacket and let everyone near you know…well, yes, you guessed it, that you are happy to talk.

Something similar has been tried out years ago with very little success, but again Chris just went for it.

How this is going to work now with Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing, well we will see about that. This thing will of course not work if there is nobody on the train, but it is not the case any longer. Now, in October 2020, I can actually see more people using the underground, and social distancing is not going to be a massive issue, right? We can still have a nice chat while being seated 2/3 seats apart.

The badges cost £5, and most importantly 40% of sales going to Run Talk Run, a mental health support group, and the rest of the profit will go to another charitable cause that will be picked up at the end of each financial year.

Click HERE and get your badge!

They say we all got a bit better after Covid-19, so let’s prove it: start nicely talk to people while commuting, you might find it pretty pleasant after all!

10 Useless Websites you want to visit.

LEGGI IN ITALIANO: 10 Siti Web inutili ma che devi vedere.

Getting bored during lockdown? Maybe lockdown is over where you live, this doesn’t mean we are never again going to get more spare time where we can do…nothing. How about spending some time browsing through pretty useless websites? I know it sounds rather boring but believe me it is not? Many will actually come pretty handy (sort of) and in the end, it will be a fun and/or a relaxing way to spend some time.
So this is my list of 10 Useless but entertaining Websites!


I must admit I love this one. You can spend endless time searching and checking where all aircrafts are flying to at the current time. Isn’t is so entertaining?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rader-1024x482.jpg

Flight Rader

How about London trains?

Well, this is pretty much the same thing but it is for London tube trains! I love the fact that train icons look like Pokemons! Check this out! You can switch from Geographic, Schematic and Skyfall

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tube-1024x482.jpg

Train Times

syb to my Youtube channel! :)

Music for you.

This is so much fun, and believe me….so spot on! Type in your fav band/singer and the site will give you a cloud-style representation of all the similar/linked artists you might like too! It is pretty much very similar to how social networks work, determinating our interests and, based on those, suggest other stuff that usually comes up in our social-media main page.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is music-1024x482.jpg

Music Map

Password gateaway

Ok so you might not need this one right now, but if you travel a lot it might be pretty handy in the future. This website gives you the passwords for Private Lounges Wi-fi access in many airports!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pass-1024x482.jpg

Password Gateway

Where do we go today?

Click on the link for this website and you will be shown a random place on using Google’s Street View. Its fun!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is crunch-1024x482.jpg

My Crunch

Pointing at…?!!

This is so useless that you MUST try it! It took me a good 10 minutes to understand what the hell I was doing on this website and what it was all about, let’s see if you can figure it out quicker!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pointer-1024x482.jpg

Pointer Pointer

follow me on Instagram

Email adddress,for now.

So this is definitely cool! Don’t wanna give away your email address because you don’t wanna get any spam? But still, you wanna download something and need to provide a website with your email address, innit? Well, this website creates a temporary email address that you can use instead!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is email-1024x482.jpg

10 Minute Mail

The Archive.

Yes, this is the internet archive! You can easily get lost in this one when you start searching, there is everything in here. “Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more”.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is arc-1024x482.jpg


Vintage Radio

Love vintage stuff? Well, this website is for you, you can listen to what was being broadcasted ages ago, in different decades. I find this quite fascinating, really!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is radio-1024x482.jpg


Forever, and ever.

Ok then….my last suggestion, funny enough, has no end! Yes, access this website and you will know what I mean by that! Honestly, you might end up spending the entire afternoon on this!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is infinite-zoom-1024x482.jpg

Zoom Quilt

How about you, which one did you find utterly useless?!

Best Vintage Book Stores in London

I migliori negozi di libri vintage a Londrain italiano

In London there is certainly no shortage of book shops, and certainly those where it is pleasant to spend some time, are often the second-hand, vintage, or new shop…and the  “the old classics.”

This is a quick guide with 10 of the places that I personally find most interesting for several reasons.

10 Vintage book stores in London.

All these shops are very quaint and very British – I’m sure a visit to some of these will enrich your visit to London! Continue reading Best Vintage Book Stores in London

8 Fab Museums for Kids in London

8 Stupendi Musei per bambini a Londra in italiano

Coming to London with kids can be super fun and stressful at the same time. Many museums in London have child-friendly interactive exhibits and activities, so don’t stress too much, this is how you can keep them entertained!

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London & Food: 10 books you Must have! 

Londra & Cibo : 10 Libri che Devi avere! in italiano

If you come to London and then say you eat badly, the problem is yours, let’s face it. Perhaps 25 years ago there was no culinary culture that we have now, it was a city made largely for commerce and tourism, which at the time was certainly not aimed at food. At the time, London was mainly focused on  features such as Piccadilly Circus and the Queen! The good, indeed yummy, typically British dishes had no reason to be offered to tourism. But things have changed. Not only now you can find places where you can enjoy some typical British dishes, done properly, but the city is full of places where you can eat really well, for all budgets and for all tastes.

Here’s a list of 10 books you ‘must’ because they give you a perfect general idea of how this city can give you so much in cafes and restaurants.

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British Pubs – Did You Know?

I Pub Britannici – Lo Sapevi?!in italiano

Pubs, Inn, Open Houses. What are they? You can’t possibly say “Britain” without adding soon after the word “pub”, can you? A Pub here in the UK is not just a place where you go for a beer, it is very often the focus of a whole community. If you have been to London, you have seen men in a suit standing outside a Pub after 4.30 pm having a drink. That’s what we do, very often, to let our hair down after work. If you venture out a little, outside the touristic areas, you will see local pubs with locals having a laugh while sipping a good beer. Continue reading British Pubs – Did You Know?

Working from Home | Amid Coronavirus | How to get the best out of it

Lavorare da Casa durante Coronavirus | Come gestire tutto al Meglioin italiano

I was not planning to write an article regarding Covid-19, but then I had found myself working from home full-time now due to our current situation, and realized that many might need advice on how to juggle things, how to get organized, etc. I love working from home, but many don’t have experience in doing it. This article will, hopefully, help you to be productive but relaxed and organized while working from home during our Coronavirus Crisis. Continue reading Working from Home | Amid Coronavirus | How to get the best out of it

10 Eco-Friendly facts about London !

Cose Eco-Friendly di Londra che forse non sai!in italiano

So, I live in London and since it is a major city, we do try our best to be eco-friendly. Do we really? Are you a traveller, actually, an eco-friendly traveller?! Well read on because I am about to give you a list on how Eco-Friendly London is, what you can do too and, you are not going to believe this, how you can we a Eco-Friendly Blogger with a Eco-Friendly Blog. Does it sound to you like a bit too much?! Nope, wrong. You will see, read on 😉 Continue reading 10 Eco-Friendly facts about London !