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London Pub: The Bull
Londra Pub: The Bull Here we go again. Where are we going for lunch today? So, John and I literally
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Mac & Wild | Great Scottish Meat | London
Mac & Wild | Ottima Carne Scozzese | Londra So, I had someone visiting back in February 2020, and this
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London Local Cafe: Cafe & Latte in Pretty Highbury
Local Cafe a Londra: Cafe & Latte e la zona di Highbury Yes, another lovely Local café I want to
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Local Cafe in London: Cafe Express | Dollis Hill
Local Cafe a Londra: Cafe Express | Dollis Hill The name of this place truly sounds like another cafe I
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10 Things to do when you get bored at work
10 Cose da fare quando ti annoi in ufficio Let’s face it, sometimes we get bored in the office. Yes,
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Ole & Steen | Danish Bakery
Ole & Steen: Bakery Danese a Londra This adorable bakery has been a marvellous discovery. I can’t recall how I got
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London Local Cafe: Star Express
Local Cafe a Londra: Star Express Here we are, a lovely local cafe in Angel. This particular one was some
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Friendly London: Happy to talk Badge!
Come fare due chiacchiere a Londra: Happy to talk! When I talk to people about London, I sometimes mention the
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10 Useless Websites you want to visit.
LEGGI IN ITALIANO: 10 Siti Web inutili ma che devi vedere. Getting bored during lockdown? Maybe lockdown is over where
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Let’s go to Clapham.
Conosci Clapham? Ecco perchè ci piace. I lived in this area for three years, many years ago, and I must
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