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Le MIGLIORI APPS per LONDRA!”  in italiano

Going to London as a turist but you’d love to be a true londoner?

Try and use these APP’s! These are my fave’s App’s on London and I’d  find them rather helpful if I was going to visit London for the first time.


Some are free, for others you need to pay.

Anyhow, let’s see my recommendations:


Find the best stuff to do in London, now. Tomorrow. Over the next few days. This is the official description  by the guys behind this app “We find the bad-ass stuff to do in London, we give you all the details about it and then you can get there via Uber or Citymapper all within the Dojo app”, so yeah, no need to think about it. Just download it!  *LINK TO THE APP*



Although the name of this app sounds like a boring financial newspaper (!!!), it is everything but boring. It actually tells you all that goes on in London, reviews, movies, markets. From the app official website “…as well as celebrating the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and surprising bits that make up the alternative side of the city”. First time in London? Get it.



Nope, you can not skip this one, Jack The Ripper is a must in London! It costs 0.79£ and it shows you the  dark side of East London and everything related to its famous serial killer.



Feel like a true Londoner, hire a city bike! This app shows you bike availability and pick up spots. By using the app you also receive a code that will allow you to avoid using the terminal at docking stations. FREE.



I personally adore the riverside in London, Southbank area especially. I highly recommend a visit to this area and this app will take you there, and allow you to walk along the riverside getting to know all the interesting spots.



With all due respect for the big famous coffeeshops chains, I (for obvious reasons) suggest you to use this app and support local coffee shops! It allows you to find the nearest one and it works as a fidelity card as well.



Are you planning to visit London …on a budget?! This app can help. It will directs you to either free or discounted attraction across the city, in order to get the best of of your visit without spending a fortune.



Nope, I couldn’t possibly live without this app. Up to date and last minute infos, offline map and planner, giving you the change to plan your journey to save you time and stress!


Regarding this topic, please have a look at my post LONDON UNDERGROUND: THE BEST TIPS EVER! – You’ll get extra super helpful infos!



…and nope, London is definitely not a cheap place to visit, especially is it’s your first time and need to exchange money, download this app which will show you all the nearest money exchange shops and their exchange rates, so you can get the most convenient to you, and don’t feel like you have been ripped off!



Last but not least… let’s have a drink, possibly free or discounted ! Fancy a nice evening out with your mates? Use this app and find pubs and clubs that offers “on the house” drinks, find reviews on London bars, which drinks are served, etc. Also this app has extra features, just unlock them by sharing the app with your friends!

…that was not the last one, ‘cos HERE IT COMES THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!
CITYMAPPER! – the most used by Londoners, with up to date infos on all London transports! it will take you anywhere with the most accurate infos!

Please let me know if you have a fave one !