Best FISH & CHIPS in London?! Poppies!

Il miglior FISH & CHIPS a Londra?! Poppies!”  in italiano

You may already know that I usually dont trust that much all those “tourist restaurants”, and when a eat place has more than just one or two branches I kinda start to think that things are not done properly any longer.

Of course this does apply to just a few restaurants, not every chain restaurant works this way, I love, for isntance, Nandos and Wahaca, and they definitely still have good quality food and service.

Thats why i wanted to give a try to the famous Poppie’s Fish & Chips.

Fish and Chips is definitely one of the most famous British meal, so this topic is a must. There are hundreds of fish and chips shops in London (they are called “chipy”) but lately everyone seems to talk about this place in particular.

There is no “perfect Fish & Chips”, everyone has its own “best one”, I personally loved the one from a local chippy near my Uni, in Putney. Still remember its typical slightly-soft chuchy chips, I used to cover them in sald and vinegar.

At Poppi’es the portion comes in two sizes, regular and large, thing is when they say Large they actually serve a massive portion, so you can go with the regular one, easily (11.70£) – large is 14.90£.

Now you can pick a side and the list goes from Pickels to bread and butter, from mushy peas to baked beans etc. (prices from 1.00£ to 2.45£)

Fish and Chips are served in a very nice carton box which makes it look like the old-fashioned way when fish and chips were originally served in a wrapping of old newspapers, of course nowdays this is not allowed any longer for hygiene reasons.

Of course I’m nobody to state that Poppie’s is the best chippy in London, but the fact that has won many awards, including the one for “National Best Fish & Chips”, can definitely help to place this restaurant among che good ones when to have Fish & Chips.

The Cod was very soft and flakey in the inside and with a very tasty and crispy crust made with flour batter, simply delicious. The chips like they should be: not too crispy and very chunky. The price is very good value for money, of course it is not what we could call “ a cheap chippy” (nice definition Ellie!) but of course a lot better than other places with similar prices and lower food quality level.

So yeah, I would reccomend this place if you want to try genuin british Fish & Chips at its finest in London, it has many branches, I went to the kiosk in Spitalfield Marker. Yes they do take way.


Each shop interior design resembles a traditional fish and chips shop, kind of “Vintage” look, it has a relaxing atmosphear. The overall experience was very nice, good food, nice place. Fab place to star especially if it is your first visit to the UK.




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