5 Things to do in LONDON for less than 10£

5 Cose da fare a LONDRA con meno di 5£in italiano

Yes, London is not cheap at all but there are so many things that you can do for 10£ or even less than that!
These are just a few ideas on things you can do as a tourist or a londoner!

1) Royal Albert Hall tour

You can get the chance to witness preparations and rehearsals for the evenings performance, as well as visiting the impressive iron-and-glass-domed auditorium.

Tours are not available every day so give them a call and see when the next one is available.

Tours of the illustrious Royal Albert Hall last about 45 minutes and start from gate number 12.


2) Shakespeare’s Globe

England’s greatest playwright through displays, music, dance and rehearsals. Guided tours are held every 15-30 minutes.

Step back in time and experience an amazing place at a very low cost.

Price is actually 10.50£ but I believe that the extra 50 cents won’t make a major difference 😀

3)Sherlock Holmes Museum & Tour

I’m a big fan of Sherlock that’s why I’m advising you to go and visit the nice museum.

It is located, of course, at 221b Baker Street and if you a fan of the BBC series you’ll notice straight away that this is not the place where the tv show has been filmed. In fact the tv series was filmed just a mile north of Gower street, because that area looks pretty much identical but has less traffic.


4)Antiques at Bermondsey Antiques Market

A very nice and interesting market filled with dozens of traders and stalls piled high with silverware, china, jewellery and pretty vintage knick-knackery. Ievery Friday between 4am and 1pm rain or shine. The experts usually get here at around 6am for the best bargains, during the day you’ll find amateur enthusiasts.


5)Hotdog and Champagne at Bubbledogs

You must be thinking that I’m nut in advising you all to have chanpagne on a budget, but it is actually possible. At the Bubbledogs there is a lunch special for £10: a glass of champagne and a hotdog during the daytime for just a tenner (a tenner is actually 10£), available Monday-Thursday, definitely deserves a visit!



Ok then, so yeah…it’s not just 5 places and thing to do, I’ve just decided to give you extra things you can get for 10£ or even less. (yes, I’m an angel!)


Matilda the Musical

If you’re aged 16-25 you can queue for £5 tickets to see one of the best musical in the West End. Tickets go on sale on the day of the performace at 10am, but you must get there a lot earlier than 10am because of  course there is a reason why these tickets can be sold at just 5£….only 10 tickets are on sale!


Night Bagel

We all know that Brick Lane is also known for having a few Bagels shop where you can find delicious and cheap bagels, but they are also available 24/7 ! Have one at 4am while going back home and maybe get an extra one with peanut butter for your breakfast.



Summer time in the park.

Most city parks will offer deckchair hire in the summer. In Green Park and Hyde Park you can rent a chair up to three hours for under a fiver, relax and enjoy the sunshine! I just adore going to the park and with just a fiver you can enjoy your stay even better with a confy deckchair.


Fulham Palace parkrun

Love running? So this one is definitely for you! There is a free weekly timed 5K run around Fulham Palace Park every Saturday.


Sky Garden

This is one is actually totally FREE and you can find out more about it just by reading the post I wrote abou the SKY GARDEN in London!


Hope you’ll find these info usefull and please let me know if you have tried at least one of these things !


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