3 Reasons why positivity can change your life

Nope. this is not about the Law of Attraction, although I truly believe in the LOA and you should too.

I know very well that being positive is a struggle. Sometimes we truly struggle to think positive when we see things going badly all around us. Believe me, I do know how that feels.

I don’t believe in giving up, I believe in trying everything we can to feel good and achieve our goals. Will these 3 reasons make you achieve your goals? I believe so, but they won’t they will change the way you see things, and this definitely can change your life.

01. Because it makes everything real.

Most of the times we truly desire something, specific. But we keep visualizing ourselves not getting it, instead of ourselves being successful in achieving our goal. Have you noticed how our mind plays this trick on us most of the times?

It does. And it’s not cool at all.

It is not cool at all because when we keep seeing negative outcomes, we don’t think straight, we don’t think strategically and, this way, we will unconsciously sabotage our success.

Sounds crazy but it true. Visualizing positive outcomes and us being successful will strengthen our ability to get a better idea, to be more motivated, to think clearly and…yes, you guessed it: all these things will help in getting right there where we want to be.


02. Because it will attract more people like us

I got rid of negative people ages ago ( and you should too!) – and that’s something that I did intentionally, but positive thinking and being positive about things in our life will attract people to have a similar attitude in life.

Negative people hate you to achieve your goals because they are so negative that can’t really achieve much often. So in a very non planned way, you will get rid of those negative people, they will find you annoying, which is rather funny really, but it is true. have you ever noticed it that when you are so chuffed about something, and talk to someone that is usually quite negative on things…they seem not to be interested at all?

Of course, because they have that negative attitude that will prevent them from achieving what they want. So they cant stand you and will, eventually, stop hanging around.

And you win.

03. Because it is cool.

Yes, it is cool to think positive and it is cool to spread positive vibes. Let’s be real, what’s the harm in it?

Dont think about what people might say about your super happy and positive attitude towards life, even though they might think you sound a bit crazy…who cares and, there is no harm in that. You being positive won’t harm them, nor the people you love.

So just do it.

Try and switch to positive mode. Every day, try and insert into your routine more positive thoughts, decrease the negative ones and increase the positive ones. Till you reach that point where you are more naturally inclined to think positive.

Try, you have nothing to lose.